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CUTTING DOG NAILS | How to cut a dog’s nails step by step

CUTTING DOG NAILS |  How to cut a dog's nails step by step

CUTTING DOG NAILS | How to cut a dog’s nails step by step

The ones we have pets we know that nails of our dogs and gatos they can pose a problem. When a dog lives in the field or outdoors its paws wear naturally on contact with the ground. But if we talk about a dog that lives in an apartment or a house, its nails can grow out of control until he became a danger to himself, the rest of the family or the furniture, especially the sofa. This is why the canine pedicure It is an essential habit that we must take into account when take care of our best friend. The problem is that cut a dog’s nails can be quite complicated and for some it is quite a drama, as happens to the dog in the next video that was made viral in social networks.

But, with a little cleverness, the right tools, like the dog nail clippers, your favorite treats and nail trimming techniques for dogs, you can do the pedicure your pet at home No problem. To do this, we explain all the tricks and tips to make a good nail trimming in dogs.

Why should you cut your dog’s nails?

If you have checked your dog’s legs, you will have noticed that on the soles of their paws they have pads on which they support all their weight when walking. The nails of the animal should never exceed said pads because, when they do, they prevent it from walking properly, causing the fingers to twist to try to support the pads on the ground. In addition, over time they will adopt strange postures that can develop problems bass on its paws. Failure to cut a dog’s nails can also lead to the appearance of wounds on the fifth toe, since as it grows it will end up penetrating the skin. Therefore, the trim a dog’s nails on a regular basis represents one of the basic care that we should not overlook.

At what age can a dog’s nails be trimmed?

If you have doubts about when you can start cutting your nails puppy, and the answer is simple: as soon as possible. There is no specific age to start doing this practice, we can start it when we see that our dog’s nails pass the commented limit and begin to hinder their movements. In fact, it is highly beneficial to start cut the puppy’s nails because we helps normalize activity, get him used to it and take it as part of his routine. But you must bear in mind that during the puppy stage you must use a type of scissors adapted to its nail. For this reason it is advisable to go to veterinarian so that he is the one who makes the first cuts.

CUT DOG NAILS | How often to cut a dog’s nails?

How often to cut a dog’s nails?

Another very common question is the frequency with which we must perform nail cutting. Actually there is no set time, because each race presents a different growth. As we have mentioned before, the length of the nails depends to a great extent on the exercise that each animal performs. If your dog is very active, his claws will be filed naturally and will not need cuts often. What you should be clear about is that dog nails never stop growing and, therefore, you should check them every week and cut them when you see that the time has come.

Tools you’ll need to trim your dog’s nails

Caring for your dog’s legs And learning to trim your nails requires certain essential tools to ensure a smooth pedicure.

  • Treats to entertain you.

  • Room with lots of natural light.

  • An old towel or blanket that smells like you (will keep the dog calm).

  • A small scissors to trim the hair around the nail.

  • Nail clippers for dogs. There are several types: small pliers, scissors …

  • Small nail file for dogs, to file rough edges.

  • Hemostatic powder, cornstarch, benzocaine, or baking soda to stop possible bleeding.

Types of dog nails

First of all, you should bear in mind that not all dog nails are cut the same nor do they all have the same difficulty. If your dog has clear nails you will have less problems. However, if your pet has black nails, cutting is a bit difficult:

Clear dog nails

When trimming your dog’s nails, the first thing to do is check where the inner nail meat ends. If your dog has light-colored nails, you’ll see the soft pink tissue in the center – that’s meat. This area is made up of a blood vessel and a nerve and is easier to see on lighter nails. If you hold your dog’s paw up to the light, the meat will show through the nail. You should avoid cutting the meat because it will bleed and cause pain to the dog.

Dark dog nails

Learning how to cut dark nails is different. The first thing you will notice is that you will not see the blood vessel or the nerves that make up the flesh inside the nail. To see the flesh inside the nail, carefully lift the paw and face the center of the uncut nail. If the nail has a small dark circle in the center, that indicates the beginning of the flesh. Don’t trim any nails that have a circle in the center. If you don’t see the center circle, cut the smaller edge of the nail at 45 degrees. Check again for an exposed center circle. When you see the dark circle in the middle of the nail you will know that you have trimmed enough.

CUT DOG NAILS | Steps to trim your dog’s nails

Steps to trim your dog’s nails

  1. Start by lifting his legs to see how comfortable he is with the situation.

  2. Sit on the ground so you don’t twist its legs too much.

  3. Raise a paw and look under the nail to get a good look at the paw and if the living tissue can be visualized.

  4. Place the nail clipper on the edge of the nail if you can’t see the flesh.

  5. To cut the nail you simply have to place the scissors at the appropriate height and exert the necessary pressure to make a fast and clean cut. The proper position is one that shows a straight cut, or slightly descending. In this way, avoid cutting your dog’s nails diagonally upwards. Take a look at the image above.

  6. When you have clipped the nails on the first leg, congratulate him and offer him a treat before moving on to the next.

What to do if you accidentally cut the meat under the nail

If you cut the nail too far and it starts to bleed, apply pressure to the tip to stop the bleeding or dip the nail in cornstarch or hemostatic powder. If the nail bleeds, keep the dog still and calm so that it does not further injure or injure itself while walking or running.

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