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CV Almendralejo seeks to repeat the formula

The CV Almendralejo players celebrate their victory in a match from last season. / CV Almendralejo


Make the female project for Superliga 2 keeping the block and using the male as a mirror, which gave such good results last season

Manuel Garcia

In the month of June, the president of the CPV, Diego Jaramillo, communicated to this newspaper that they were giving up the place in Superliga 2 Femenina, after confirming weeks before that they would not register the male either. A step to the side to focus on the quarry that opened a new horizon for another team from Extremadura, CV Almendralejo, which they offered to take over and venture to make a project in the silver category of national volleyball. “He called me the day before the presentation of the official places and told me that they had thought of us as candidates to fill it,” says Luis Miguel Díaz, president of the Almond-based group.

And they picked up the glove despite the haste and the little room for manoeuvre. Illusion and ambition won the final set over the initial reservations. Within the directive, the offer was received in a very disparate way, with positions far from unanimity due to the magnitude of the news, which shook the foundations of the entity. In the pillory, two fundamental concepts, although not necessarily antagonistic: sustainability and exponential progress. “In the board they threw their hands to their heads, some positioned themselves with a resounding no, others said yes directly, but dialogue prevailed.”

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Although the real architects, who supported the decision with their resounding predisposition, were the players from last year, who will support a large part of the sports structure. “8-9 members of the squad gave their commitment and we decided to move forward.” It will mean a lot of effort and change on many levels for them, but the privilege of rubbing shoulders with leading teams and experience have been strong incentives. «In other categories it is a hobby, dedicating two afternoons or three hours a week, but now it involves a lot of seriousness, more than ten hours of training, long trips, weekends without being able to be with their families or have that time for their jobs. Some companies do not provide that possibility and we are looking at how to adjust all that to give it a professional look.”

The backbone will be made up of people from the house and with experience in the entity, out of confidence in their abilities and because fishing in the market at this time of year is almost an entelechy. “We are looking for players from Extremadura with projection, because there are almost no options to sign, it is difficult to find two or three reinforcements that help to achieve permanence.” On August 1, the pre-season sessions began with an eye toward starting the league in early October against Autos Cancela Zalaeta.

The preparation of the block is one of the obstacles, but far from it the most pressing, a condition reserved for the pecuniary factor, the main workhorse, especially after the division jump, which translates into a profound rethinking of management. “It has been a laborious summer trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together, we are in the midst of arranging homes, schedules to be able to train with quality and the economic part, which is the most complicated.” Luis Miguel Díaz regrets that they have lost hope of having the support of the Diputación de Badajoz, “because they only granted us 500 euros to the men’s section; It’s a huge shame.” The City Council of Almendralejo has already approved in extraordinary plenary session a budget item of 10,000 euros for the feminine; without forgetting the Youth and Sports Foundation of the Board.

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As for private investment, they expect Caja Almendralejo, one of their main benefactors last year, to maintain their commitment, and a local gym has also joined. But they need more supports. “We will launch a campaign in case we manage to get more companies to join and encourage them to trust us.”

They have the mirror to look at in the men’s, which entered Superliga 2 after the restructuring of the groups, achieving their ticket for qualifying merits in the First National and finishing in a meritorious fifth position in their debut. «We were new in this category, but even making mistakes, sportingly it was a success. We will apply that experience so that we can enjoy it.”

It will be necessary to juggle so that both teams remain within viability parameters without putting their competitiveness at risk, but we must not lose sight of the fact that it will mean “distributing resources and when that happens there are affected parties, but we will try not to be noticed and that affect as little as possible in the sporting field ». The CV Almendralejo picks up the witness of the CPV as a club capable of placing its two sections on the previous step to the elite, «the difficult thing is to maintain it. It is predicted hard, but we have hope and people who help us.”

The inexperience and the demands of the competition play against the Extremadura team, but its president considers that “they will be able to overcome this jump in quality despite the fact that a hard adaptation process will be necessary. I fully trust them.” His contest in Superliga 2 can be an incentive that “shows the quarry that they have an option to look higher and compete at the highest level in their city.”

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As for the social mass, he explains that they will launch a season ticket campaign and wishes that “the San Roque pavilion is too small for us.” And he believes that it is feasible, because, as he comments, when professional football disappears in Almendralejo, “many fans will decide to watch high-level volleyball and thus organize their weekend leisure.”


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