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Cyberpunk 2077: PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Versions Are Out Now – IGN

The long-awaited PS5 and Xbox Series X/S upgrades for Cyberpunk 2077 are being released today. The game will also get a free trial version, free DLC, and a huge, 50GB 1.5 patch for all platforms.

Announced during a CD Projekt Red stream about the new versions and 1.5 patch, we were shown a quest, alternating between PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S footage of the game. Where the Xbox version will be a patch upgrade, PS5 users will need to download an entirely new version of the game, and transfer any existing save data from the PS4 edition.

PS5 and Xbox Series X games will offer performance (prioritising 60FPS) or ray-tracing modes, while Xbox Series S will only offer a single 30FPS, 1440p mode.

A breakdown of patch 1.5's new features, and what will be included on what platform.

A breakdown of patch 1.5’s new features, and what will be included on what platform.

One of the more popular DLC additions to all versions of the game will be the ability to change your character’s basic appearance in the mirror of their home apartment, including new options for hair and make-up. You will also now be able to buy new cosmetic makeovers for the apartment itself – and even four brand new properties across Night City. Those properties can also see your romantic partners in the game dropping in to stay the night.

Another piece of free DLC adds new weaponry to buy from Wilson’s gun store, added after you meet Takemura in the game’s story. The game devs also said there would be some “secrets” left to find that have been added to the game.

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The new free trial will allow you to play 5 hours of the game (but expires after 30 days). It’s likely being used to entice those who may have been put off by the many, many reports of Cyberpunk’s disastrous launch – which led to the game being pulled from the PS Store, CDPR being forced to settle a lawsuit with unhappy investors, and the delay of these upgrades.

Next-gen console performance modes overview.

Next-gen console performance modes overview.

Patch 1.5 will come to all platforms, and is a huge 50GB update. It aims to add many new fixes and features. Perks have been rethought, with reworked perk trees, and in-progress saves will be given all their perk points back to be able to redistribute them. Perks have been tweaked to rebalance the game, changing some trees (Stealth is now Ninjutsu, for example) and remove some less useful examples (including the near-useless perk that prevented detection underwater). Throwing knife combat has been reworked, too.

NPC AI has also been altered, with the goal of making NPC enemies cleverer and more effective in combat. NPCs both on foot and in cars will panic more realistically when faced with dangerous situations. It’s worth noting that improved crowd reactions will only be coming to PC/Stadia and new-gen console versions of the game, seemingly due to memory constraints.

Skipping time in game will also now change the crowds around you, and the skip time UI has been made more readable. Speaking of UI, the map can now be decluttered with filters.

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Driving has also been changed, with vehicles apparently tweaked to make them feel heavier, brakes made more effective, and visibility increased when driving in first-person. Burnout and drifting have also made more usable. Calling in multiple cars also now sees them appear in different places, rather than crashing into one spot. The economy has also been rebalanced, with vehicles made a little cheaper to buy.

A number of leaks before and after the announcement of the stream had all but confirmed we’d see the new-gen versions today. CDPR has been promising new-gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077 since before launch, originally scheduled for the latter half of last year. However, that delay saw Cyberpunk’s upgrade pushed back, alongside a similar upgrade for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is now due to arrive between April and June 2022.

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