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Cyclone bomb and atmospheric river hit Northern California causing flash flooding

The floods have affected Northern California.

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A bomb cyclone and an atmospheric river crashed into northern California on Sunday, causing flash floods and debris flows in the burn scars from the fires that hit the state in summer.

The National Weather Service (NWS) reported in the morning that thunderstorms are moving northeast and forecast heavy rain with hail and violent winds.

By late Sunday morning the core of the storm was already approaching the Pacific Northwest.

Meanwhile, the atmospheric river, which is an elongated band of moisture that carries vapor in the surrounding air, was raised to category 5, the highest designation on the scale Scripps Institution of Oceanography Extreme Weather Lab.

In addition, evacuation orders were issued for hundreds of homes in the burn scar area of ​​the complex fire. lightning CZU in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.

Debris and ash left over from the summer fires could cause landslides or even generate high-intensity flooding. CBS.

The areas hit by the Caldor fire are a matter of concern for the authorities due to the insufficient lands of vegetation that causes the rain to be absorbed late, causing people to be trapped by eventual floods.

Citizens were warned by the ravages of the cyclone

As part of the aid and rescue process, this Sunday two evacuation centers have been installed so far in Sacramento, reported CBS San Francisco.

The highway system of California, through his Twitter account he communicated: “There have been floods, rock slides, chain controls and overturned vehicles.”

In addition, the National Metereological Service retweeted photos of a landslide along State Highway 70 near Tobin, California.

Other road closures were also reported due to flash floods, downed trees and rock slides.

Although this Sunday is supposed to be the worst phase of the storm’s passage, the rains are expected to continue until Tuesday, this being a natural phenomenon that has appeared earlier than expected in the western United States.

At San Francisco Bay Area There were also reports of flooding that led to street closures in Berkeley, and the tollbooth station was flooded. Oakland Bay Bridge.

“We have already had several accidents this morning due to skidding vehicles, numerous downed trees and several roads that are experiencing flooding.”the police patrol office wrote on Twitter. Oroville, California, and urged citizens to stay home to take precautions.

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