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Dababy: Surveillance video of DaBaby resurfaces after four years showing him killing a man; rapper claims it was self-defense

In a video that has been resurfaced after four years, the rapper DaBaby can be seen fatally shooting a man named Jaylin Craig (19 years) amid an argument in Charlotte in North Carolina Walmart in November 2018.

What are the details of the incident?

On 5th November 2018, rapper DaBaby whose real name is Jonathan Kirk fired a shot that killed Jaylin Craig (19 years) at a Walmart store around Charlotte (North Carolina); Rolling Stone has reported this. The said source claims that it had obtained the video from the dead man’s family, which claims that this video was never shown in the court.

What are the other details related to the issue?

DaBaby had previously stated that he had never pulled the trigger in the fatal fight. Jaylin Craig’s family has highlighted that justice was not served for their child as one of the key witnesses failed to appear before the court. Fox 46 reported that the latest released video was never shown in court. It’s noteworthy that the said county case was dismissed.

However, as per the reports, the following June, the state’s district attorney has decided to bring its charges against DaBaby, popularly known as the “Rockstar” rapper. In a previous case, DaBaby was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and was sentenced to a punishment of 12 months probation, but his jail sentence was suspended.

What are the latest details related to the video?

In the DaBaby video killing man, which has been obtained by Rolling Stone, Henry Douglas, the friend of Jaylin Craig, walks into the frame next DaBaby charges and punches him. Their scuffle is seen moving throughout the grocery store; Craig approaches them, ostensibly holding a handgun. After that, before he appears to put the handgun away, some female shopper all of a sudden runs away from her shopping cart a few moments before rapper DaBaby comes in the frame and picks up the gun from the floor and puts it inside his pants ( as appeared in the video).

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The representative and the lawyer of DaBaby have not yet responded to the comments on the said DaBaby video issue.

What are the views expressed by the deceased person’s family?

LaWanda Horsley, the mother of Jaylin Craig, stated about the investigation; she feels as if the investigators have just swept the incident under the rugs. She has further stated that rapper DaBaby knows what he has done. She does not intend to highlight this issue for fame or anything since his son Jaylin Craig has already gone at the end of the day.

Rolling Stone has reported that the victim’s family has claimed that DaBaby had started the fight since he was upset at Craig and Douglas had recognized him. During the noisy argument, the eye socket of the friend Henry Douglas was bruised, and he had suffered a cut on his forehead; he had to undergo stitches for the same.

What are the views of DaBaby on the issue?

DaBaby has addressed the shooting days later through his Instagram story and stated he was present in the store with his family, including his one-year-old daughter. They were shopping for winter clothes when some unknown person just approached him along with a gun. He further added that if he had not defended himself at that moment, there were chances that his children could have been shot in the incident.

DaBaby has reacted to the surfacing of the video on Twitter; he also responded through Hot 107.9 radio. On the radio, Ebro had asked him why people were acting as if the 2018 video of the Walmart incident was not seen by Walmart, the court, or the Police. DaBaby replied that it might be because the media thinks they were brainwashed.

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