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DACA turns 9 years without bipartisan agreement to permanently protect ‘dreamers’

More than 780,000 youth are protected by DACA.

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Rubén Cohetzaltitla, Diana Hernandez Y Leydy rangel are some of the 780,000 ‘dreamers’ who have avoided deportation and have managed to continue their studies and work, thanks to the fact that nine years ago the president Barack Obama created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (IF).

However, these immigrants who were brought by their parents to the United States at an early age must renew their permits every two years, which implies investing time and money, amid the promise of congressmen to pass an immigration reform that allows them the way to the citizens.

Rubén said that, although DACA provides “certain certainty”, the fear of losing protection remains, which could end with a decision by Congress. He and his family are farmers in Washington state.

Diana and Leydy were even part of the select group of six ‘dreamers’ who met at the White House with the president. Joe Biden, who has expressed support for granting citizenship. The president expressed his intention to representatives and senators during his first speech, asking them to approve “at least” the protection of these immigrants.

Although Democrats have a majority in Congress, it is minimal, forcing a bipartisan agreement with 10 Republicans sure of voting in favor of the American Dream and Promise Act, which has already been approved in the House of Representatives and awaits its turn in the Senate, where there is no consensus.

In this way, the ‘dreamers’ reach another anniversary of the program created by Obama that gave them some protection, with little certainty of an immigration reform, although with hope that this year the situation will change.

“The Senate has a path that could achieve legalization for these groups, ‘dreamers’, agricultural workers and TPS holders, and that would be using the 51-vote strategy or the Reconciliation process,” Rangel said in a forum organized by the UFW Foundation, which defends agricultural workers.

Democrats, like representatives Raul Ruiz (California), president of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and Joaquin Castro (Texas), have advanced that a way is prepared for there to be a change through Reconciliation, in case of not achieving Republican support, for which they will support the arguments on the economic benefits for the country in four scenarios to protect undocumented immigrants.

We made the case for our colleagues from both parties… of the importance of passing this one way… and the benefits to Americans of passing immigration reformCastro said in a forum at the Center for American Progress.

The senator Dick Durbin (Illinois) – who presented the proposal with the Republican Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) – He told the Efe agency last week that there are at least five or six Republicans who support the Dream and Promise Act, that is, there would be few votes left to reach 60 without having to apply the Reconciliation process.

This Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Durbin, had a hearing with ‘dreamers’, but the event ended without a specific route in this regard.

The vice president Kamala Harris met this afternoon behind closed doors with ‘dreamers’ to evaluate the options.

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