Thursday, May 19

Dan Snyder will never take responsibility and Roger Goodell won’t

Ana Núñez and Melanie Coburn probably hadn’t even returned to DC before Roger Goodell stepped onto the podium, telling the soccer-watching world that protecting the anonymity of accusers like them is the reason the league doesn’t make them public. Findings from an investigation into the Washington soccer team that cost eight figures and took nearly a year to complete.

Nunez and Coburn – the former had worked for the team in sales, the latter as an animator, and then in marketing – took the train from Washington to New York that same day Tuesday to plead, again, that the league raise the curtain on what Beth Wilkinson, the former federal prosecutor hired to lead the investigation, found out during her more than 11 months on the job. They asked for transparency in a letter they delivered to the owners. They asked again by speaking to reporters available for the league’s fall meeting at a posh downtown hotel.

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