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Dance takes center stage among the 39 proposals of the Teatre Arniches

Bonebeak Sisters, in the representation of "Excalibur and other stories of dead animals".

Bonebeak Sisters, in the representation of “Excalibur and other stories of dead animals”.
Jordii Buxó

The consolidation of dance, with one show a month, the demand for quality, the commitment to the circus and new dramaturgies are the central axes of the programming for the first quarter of 2021 of the Arniches Theater of Alicante. A total of 39 proposals that are “there are 39 reasons to go to Arniches, 39 activities that show that culture is safe and 39 moments to continue to excite with what creators and creators are capable of doing”, as stated by the regional secretary of Culture, Raquel Tamarit.

“From Culture of the Generalitat – he has affirmed – for months we have said that culture heals and has accompanied us in the hardest moments of these years. We are and will be next to the cultural sector programming, and we are and will be by the public’s side to offer first-rate cultural activities in the city of Alicante “.

The person responsible for IVC in Alicante, Alícia Garijo, highlighted that “the new program will maintain the same quality criteria than in the rest of the season and we affirmed some lines of work. Therefore, we present at least one dance show per month and we maintain the exhibition of music, circus, theater and family shows with the same demanding criteria in new languages, new dramaturgies or works that stand out for their content in values ​​such as equality and sustainability ”.

Among the programming highlights the absolute premiere of the Valencian company Cienfuegos Dance, which will present ‘aISLA2’. The dance will continue with two more proposals for all ages: the Mallorcan company Baal Dansa, who will dedicate his family show to the plastic artist Joan Miró cwith the title ‘Mira Miró’, and the multi-award-winning Aracaladanza, con ‘Play’.

In theater There are 7 proposals that are presented at the Teatre Arniches, of which 4 are Valencian companies, with very special works such as the company group and his show ‘L’home bo’, which deals with the Valencian ‘pilota’ game and honor in Valencian sport; Bambalina Teatre Practicable with his new production of the classic ‘Oedipus’; Danish dogs, Javier Sahuquillo’s company, which will present ‘9’, based on Reginald Rose’s play ’12 men without mercy ‘, and Leamok with his reinterpretation of ‘Lazarus’.

He will also perform in Alicante The strange company, with “The exception and the rule”, by Bertold Brecht; Theater in Vilo, with “Man up”, and The Bonebeak Sisters, gift “Excalibur and other stories of dead animals”.

As is becoming customary in the Arniches, they have scheduled 6 productions of children’s theaterFrom dance to puppets, musicals or the most sensory proposals aimed at the little ones. Without forgetting that, despite the difficulties, the school campaign continues, offering all the protection and security measures in schools.

The circus will come from Andalusia and Catalonia. Pork rind, with ‘Sin Ojana’, the success of the last circus festival CIRCADA, and Bird, with “Ex-Libris”, which can be seen at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, in the programming for the little ones this Christmas.

Music will be present with four concerts. It will start on January 9 with the concert produced by the Institut Valencià de Cultura in homage to Ovidi Montllor, which will be attended by Toti Soler, Miquel Gil, Andreu Valor Tesa, Smoking Souls, Prozak soup, Mireia Vives and Borja Penalba, Pau Alabajos, Maluks and Jonatan Penalba.

The public will also be able to enjoy a concert by Silvia Perez Cruz, who will present the album ‘Farsa (impossible genre)’ on February 20, or the voice of Maika Makovski March 20, or El Petit de Cal Eril, with “Ernergia fosca”, on February 6.

Regarding the who, a powerful cycle has been programmed dedicated to Eric Rohmer, in which a deep foray into his filmography is made with 4 of his most representative titles, among which is ‘Pauline on the beach’. The film program is completed with 5 more European and Asian films.

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