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Dangerous prisoners of Villena cause destruction and fires in their Halloween week

One of the destroyed cells in Villena.

One of the destroyed cells in Villena.

The most conflictive and dangerous inmates of the Villena prison They celebrated their particular Halloween party last week with fires and destruction in the cells of the Isolation department and serious threats to the officials, as reported by the professional association of prison workers “Your abandonment can kill me” (TAMPM). The association assures that what is being lived in this Villena module “looks like something out of a horror movie” and the inmates “wanted to have their own Halloween week with fun, smoke, blood and destruction.”

The first of the incidents reported by TAMPM It happened last Monday, October 26, in the Isolation department, where 26 inmates are being held in individual cells given their conflict. Some of the most dangerous inmates began beating on the iron doors of their cells while saying to the officials “sons of bitches, we are going to kill you, we are going to kill your families and we are going to fuck your daughters and wives” .

Destroys in a cell in Villena.

The next day, one of the inmates had completely destroyed his cell, even ripping off the solid iron window and using it to hit the walls and concrete furniture “until the cell was turned into a solar,” according to the association, which states that the inmate alleged that he had destroyed his cell because he was “bored and because it had no negative consequences for him.”

On Wednesday the insults and threats to officials and around one o’clock in the afternoon an inmate set fire to his cell and “the black smoke reached the dome of the watchtower.” The officials mobilized to save the life of the inmate and after cooling the door, they entered the cell and found the prisoner fainted due to smoke inhalation. This incident, according to TAMPM, took place while other inmates from the same gallery banged on the doors and smashed furniture in their cells, throwing stones at the officials when they tried to open the doors of their cells. Once the inmates were taken to the patio because of the fire, there was a fight between several to settle pending accounts “for a smuggling mobile that was being rented.”

That same day at night another inmate called the officials and told them that he was setting the cell on fire and that the body had been cut with a blade, so the officials mobilized again to prevent the inmate from suffocating, they rescued him and they took him to the infirmary, where once he recovered he pounced on the workers who had saved him.

“Your abandonment can kill me” denounces that the officials are living “moments of real nightmare with the conflictive inmates and only the opposition parties listen to us; the coalition government, which when it did not govern supported us, now looks the other way and does not respond to demands that are fair “. TAMPM demands a real salary recognition according to the work they provide, the “sectorization of the institution that recognizes the specific singularities of our work”, something that 95% of the workers want according to the consultation carried out, and the urgent consideration of the officials as authority agent to have legal protection against verbal and physical attacks suffered at work.

Damage to a cell in Villena.

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