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Dani Martín, Perales and Aitana, kings of direct in a difficult year

The singer Dani Martín, in one of his massive concerts. / CR

Live music billed more than 157 million euros in the 2021 pandemic, 13.7% more than in 2020 / The figure is similar to that of 2013, but the outlook is optimistic

Michael Lorenci

Dani Martín, José Luis Perales and Aitana were the kings of live music in 2021, a difficult pandemic year. Twelve months in which the live music industry billed just over 157 million euros from ticket sales. It represents 13.7% more than in 2020, the hardest year of the crisis, closed with a turnover of over 138 million, but they are figures similar to those collected in 2013.

These are the data collected by the 2022 Live Music Yearbook of the Association of Music Promoters (APM), which despite this timid recovery looks to the future with optimism.

The figures of the punished sector in 2021 are still very far from the collections registered before the pandemic, when in 2018 they were close to 334 million euros and exceeded 382 million in 2019.

Taking the last decade as a reference, the data for 2021 equals the turnover of 2013, when just over 158 million euros were collected from ticket sales. The yearbook presents the rankings of the main tours and festivals held in Spain last year. In the ‘top’ of the national and international tours -fused into a single list- appears Dani Martín, with 127,766 people attending his 11 concerts. They are followed by the veteran José Luis Perales, who added 111,933 spectators in 37 concerts. On the third drawer of this musical podium stands the singer Aitana, who gathered 105,268 fans in the 31 concerts of her tour. They are followed by Camilo, Robe Iniesta, Antonio Orozco, Nathy Peluso, Rozalén, Raphael and Pablo López.

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The list of festivals with the most influx is headed by the Marbella Starlite, which reached almost 100,000 spectators (99,737), followed by the Marenostrum Fuengirola, with 81,556 attendees, and the Jardins de Pedralbes festival. which brought together 76,674 people. Below, the Nights of the Botánico, Pier 12, Concert Music, Guitar BCN, Magdalena Deluxe, Nits del Fórum and Porta Ferrada.

For months, ticket sales did not begin to recover until August, coinciding with the expansion of capacity and the celebration of the first massive events. During the last quarter of 2021, figures typical of the years prior to the pandemic were recorded, reaching almost 30 million euros in turnover in December. “A record figure that confirms the upward trend of the industry in 2022,” says optimistic Albert Salmerón, president of the APM.

“We see lights in a dark and very closed tunnel that herald the end of a long and dark period,” adds Salamerón. The APM denounces, however, that resale continues to be “a terrible scourge for the sector.” “We are talking about enormous damage, the one caused by resale, which works as mere speculation,” says Carla Rodríguez, member of the APM and organizer of events such as the Murcian Warm Up festival.

Communities and provinces

By autonomous communities, Catalonia once again topped the list with a turnover of 36.7 million euros, standing out as the community that achieved the greatest difference between 2021 and 2020, with an increase of 23.18% in its collection. Andalusia followed, with 26.1 million; Madrid, with 21.8, and the Valencian Community, with 11.9 million. The other communities do not manage to reach two billing digits and 7 of the 17 autonomous communities also presented worse figures in 2021 than in 2020, including Andalusia and Madrid.

By provinces, Barcelona (25.6 million) followed by Madrid (21.8) led the list. A few fell below two figures, such as Valencia (6.7 million), Gerona (6.7) or Seville (5, 2), and others did not reach one million, such as Albacete (964,765 euros), Huesca (964,765) or Álava (909,447.95). .

The Association of Music Promoters (APM) is the main association in the live music industry in Spain. Its partners organize the main national and international tours and festivals held in our country.

Since 2001, he has led the demands of the sector and has directed the dialogue with the administrations. Through the Yearbook of Live Music, the association analyzes the situation of live music year after year.

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