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Daniel Cija: “The series do a great job remembering that Spain was not like it is today”


He was born in Australia and grew up in Alcorcn in front of a television. The ‘King Midas’ of the TV prepares a series about Angel Cristo and Barbara Rey and is still on the crest 25 years after directing “Family Doctor”. He talks about the union, about his actress daughter with Beln Rueda …

Daniel cija, in his production company The Good Mood.JAVI MARTNEZ
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Daniel Cija is only 58 years old. It seems minor, if we say slo It is because he has a career behind him as a producer of the most successful television series in Spain in the last 30 years, three decades that give many more. cija is the showrunner by excellence: direct, write, sweep if necessary. In addition, he has achieved the impossible: to be well recognized in his guild but nobody identifies him on the street. He goes to the super so calm.

“I have a very professional profile, after more than 40 productions and despite the vicissitudes I have had in my life. But there is not much to know about me either. When things happened to me, I know that there were photographers at my doorstep. Not now. I want to give my children anonymity. ” cija refers to veiled his years of marriage to Beln Rueda, with whom he had three daughters, one of them, Mara, who died in 1997 from coronary heart disease when she was a baby. Today she has a fourth girl, Ins, aged four, with her last partner, Veronik Mendes. He also went out for a while with the model Vanessa Lorenzo, today Carles Puyol’s partner.

Indeed, cija is full of life. “I keep my passion for work, I do a lot of sports, I lead a healthy life,” he slides. He is a man of the world. I was born in Western Australia, his father was a miner. One of the many Spaniards who emigrated. “I did not reach the age of 3 there, we returned to Madrid because my grandfather died. Over time, he returned to the University of Sydney.”

The child of Alcorcn

The taste for fiction comes to him by “accident.” “In COU I had two left and my best friend’s father worked at RNE. I stayed at RTVE, I was in opposition, they hired me … I entered through the technical branch … I was a child who grew up in front of television in Alcorcn. We had no town to go to in the summer. I discovered my interest in narrative when I was an editor in Estudio 1 “.

As a spectator they caught him Bonanza, The house on the prairie. Also Chicho Ibez Serrador. Stories to not sleep, The cabin de Mercero … John Welles, David E. Kelley. “I was traveling to attend your lectures …”.

His favorite facet is the direction (7 lives, Journalists, Family Doctor). “I really like the set. Now I don’t have time. I take all creative directions.” Daniel is friend of the competition, by Carlos Montero (lite), Aitor Gabilondo (Homeland), lex Pina (The Money Heist) … “I watch a lot of TV and imbibe myself in the plot. The last series I have seen has been Sky Red, Pineapple. I worked with him at Globomedia. And international, the Irish has driven me crazy Normal People. The Undoing. I am common in my tastes. An extraordinarily basic guy. I hope I don’t lose it. ”

The program has ended The night D, with Dani Rovira. Now prepares series on the life of Angel Cristo and Barbara Rey.

Christ was a sordid character … It is not his good-natured style.
He portrays a time, short-term success always carries side effects …

It is sure to make the tamer an endearing character. The white series puts him in quarantine. “Lady’s gambit It is very white and it is extraordinary. I think it is about moving, there are no black or white series. Love is an engine that moves the world. I love the romanticism, friendship. The conflict is not in sex or drugs, maybe in violence. The viewer is very intelligent, we disrespect him when something is not true. ”

The producer likes characters that add more than those that remain. “I like that in my series there is optimism.” Many actors owe their careers to him.

You are very of your people. Francis Lorenzo, Emilio Aragn ….
It is that they are intimate. We love us. Emilio premieres program in Movistar, we were partners …
They ask a lot of ‘revival’.
That ‘Los Serrano’ come back does not depend on me, but on who has the rights. ‘Los Serrano’ was the bomb outside, Fran Perea is a star in Helsinki.
His eldest daughter acts in ‘La Valla’.
Beln is an actress with a lot of vocation since she was 18 years old. He got a degree in audiovisual communication in the US and then studied with Corazza. Our children will have an easy first chance, but they will not make a living from this.

And whose the documentary genre resists him. We asked him about Rocito’s. “As a spectator I don’t say no to anything, as a producer, there are things I can’t do.” Everything you produce is your idea. But the chevrons are shaken. “Work on TV has to be understood as a team. I cannot speak in the first person. In my production company, The Good Mood, we are 80 people when we shoot“His partners are his brother and Javier Lorenzo, son of Francis.” My great professional and personal success is the people around me. ”

“I still have insomnia on opening days. I am overwhelmed by audience data. If I fail, we don’t have a job. I also want to respond to the trust of a chain that puts a lot of money on a project. For me this work is passion, something that commands me. I don’t want to retire, I want to continue being useful. Add in my work and at home, with my mother, my children …

Is your vote clear on May 4?
Yes, I am very interested in politics. We cannot lose the framework of coexistence that we achieved in the 70s. The series do an excellent job remembering that Spain has not always been like it is now.

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