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Danna Paola tells us exclusively that her song ‘Mía’ marks the change she needed in her life

Danna Paola with one of the biggest smiles we have seen, excited as rarely and sure that in her hands she has a HIT, ‘Mía’, her new song that marks the change she needed in her life and that paradoxically was born from a block that it prevented him from composing.

Danna got up from ‘KO’ and decided to empower, allow oneself to be regardless of the other, the others, the networks, the crystal generation that claims not to understand, the harm just because, and the opinions that hurt …

In an interview Danna Paola strips herself of makeup and costumes and looking into the eyes, even via zoom, she strips her heart and confesses.

-Danna, how are you feeling?
Danna Paola: I feel overwhelmed with emotion … Excited, happy, with this playlist that is a new stage in life, in my career, with ‘Mía’, this new song that I am very excited to share, and give me a promo and get me promoted, I’m very, very excited.

-What does ‘Mine’ mean not only in your career, but for you?
Danna Paola: It means many things to me it was the full unlock in a moment after having thrown KO, which was my most recent album in February, I started to get into a mental, emotional gag at the artistic moment of composing, of not knowing what to talk about … At the moment of sitting at home, in the studio with my co-authors and composers I started to play a bit from the production, the sounds, starting to move the engineer, the computer there … Suddenly something begins to emerge within me, melodies, lyrics begin to emerge again. Without knowing how to start talking about life, enjoy the moment more, not worry about making songs, creating hits, That song comes out which is a hit and it moves me a lot.

For me ‘Mía’ is something super special on a personal level, because it really left and has left a great taste in my mouth since day one, and I really listen to it, I listen to it and I don’t get tired and it moves me a lot, for me it is a moment super important and marks just a before and after KO.

-You leave the KO, the blockade comes and ‘Mine’ is born. What happens to an artist when he has to face a blockade?
Danna Paola: Let it happen, I think I was wondering that a lot, I was wondering … “What do I do, what do I do?”, “No, it’s okay, nothing happens”… I think these are moments that pass, sometimes you compose more songs than you put out, and it really is that I wrote a lot of songs last year and at the beginning of this… Let that happen and It doesn’t matter, and I start reading, looking for other types of content perhaps on Netflix, I start writing situations, listening to other people, disconnecting myself from wanting to compose. So that’s why I said that It was super funny at the time that I was more blocked than ever, ‘Mine’ is born.

Danna Paola
Danna Paola.

That is why it is so special for me also on a personal level, that I think is to allow it and I think that is fine, that nothing happens, I am a little machine to be working and producing songs every day, but I think it is because I really like it. and I enjoy what I do, and I like everything to be perfect, so that’s why I light up, but that’s it, we’ve already gone through that.

-The work environment generates some pressure, and in the previous interview we did you told me that you learned to say ‘no’, can you stop the pressure?
Danna Paola: I have been very afraid to work under pressure, I live with it, but in the end this industry requires my 24/7, and the mental health, the patience that is something that I have tattooed, in fact because I need a lot of patience, I am someone very accelerated and at times very hyperactive and at times not, there are times when I don’t want to see anyone and it happens to me … CI think it’s important to know that you have to take time too, of taking a breakdown and a stop as happened to me with KO. The pressure, in the end sometimes comes in handy at moments, at that moment when I felt so pressured, I thought that I was not going to go out and free myself and disconnect that part of my brain and chat, net with friends, and so it happens and things are unlocked because you free yourself from your own harm.

-And from that blockade empowerment is born, there is an empowered woman, what does this word that has become so fashionable for you?
Danna Paola: for me to be empowered is to know who you are, first to give yourself the value before giving it to anyone else, to defend your ideals. Of course, respect yourself, know that others have to respect you. Knowing how to say no about what you don’t want, I think that’s something for a boy or a girl, empower you It does not mean that you are arrogant, that you are rudeEmpowering yourself means that you know what you want, where you want to go, how to communicate, your ideals, your requirements, your moments. Respect for your person that is something super important, and it’s something I’ve learned a lot.

I believe that empowering yourself is knowing and trusting who you are, know that you are unique, that you are not perfect neither, because I believe that perfection does not exist, the most beautiful and of the most beautiful things that I have learned from life and from the people that I have met has been due to imperfection, and that is something that when it allows you to be transparent it also empowers you. Knowing who you are and showing yourself as you are, is something that has empowered me a lot, defending my ideals and all this. And, of course, speak with respect to women, and nowadays with feminism, that the theme of my ideals are towards that, believe me that I have learned a lot as a result of experiences, and today I feel more empowered than ever. Of course on a personal level, in love and everything I believe that respect comes first for you and self-love to be able to love, and also respect others.

-How do you deal with disrespect?
Danna Paola: I try to be political and correct enough, and with the right words to see how to defend myself, creo en el karma: ‘karma is the bitch’, While someone does you wrong and return it with the same coin in the end it will return you, you have to know how to handle things with patience. I am super explosive at times, but I have had, thank God, the opportunity to sit down and learn from myself about situations with disrespect and I say: “This is not going like this, this is not going with me” … Cut any kind of relationship with that person who has disrespected you, and talk about what I don’t like, and debate about it.

Danna Paola
Danna Paola.

-You just talked about empowerment and knowing what you want and what you don’t want, what does Danna Paola want today, and what does she not want?
Danna Paola: I want to go out to the street … I don’t cry for anyone, I really want to be true to myself, I want to stay towards my ideals, towards being authentic, keep experimenting, having fun, enjoying, creating music, keep enjoying my life and not worry about tomorrow … I really want to live today, I think we do not have our lives bought, and especially with what has happened lately, with the pandemic and everything, I have understood a lot the value of small things that very big, really For me people are super valuable, support, whoever listens to you is super valuable, and that’s what I want, I want transparent people, to be free in my environment, and not to be anyone that I don’t want to.

I don’t want lies, I don’t want hypocrisy, I don’t want gossip, I don’t want injustice, I don’t want more violence, I just don’t want there to be less and less respect and less peace and less love … Today We are in a somewhat complicated generation, the crystal generation where everything shocks us and checks us and we are all ‘Trending Topic’, and we comment on everything, and I think I don’t want us to keep going down that line. It is perfect that everyone has their point of opinion, and that everyone is free to express themselves as they want, as long as it does not offend other people. Let us know that any comment can hurt someone, so you have to be very cautious with that.

-Do you think it is possible in this world of social networks where there is so much anonymous opinion?
Danna Paola: I think it can be done, but that decision starts from the human being, from society, they well say: ‘Do not do something that you would not like them to do to you’ … It is the Law of attraction, if you are going to do something bad it will come backIf you do something good, it will come back to you. I have been all my life with the flag of truth, of being authentic, I am a really honest person and I think that is something that some take as irreverent, rebellious… The more honest I am, the happier, and the fuller I feel, and the stronger I feel, and with more security, and I think it can be done, but that change really begins in society.

-A year ago we closed doors, and today we are opening windows, how is your life now looking out, starting to leave?
Danna Paola: I am at that moment when you receive that fresh air and say: this wave is coming again with more energy, I already took my detox time, mental health first of all, hindsight, what I want, what I don’t wantWhere am I, also energetic cleaning, then I really open the window wanting to fly. I think I am at a time where I have all the desire, and all the willingness to do it and continue, continue in this until the last day, I do not set a limit and I have no limits, that is something that I have it super clear.

-Do you plan to meet back with your audience, no longer via zoom, no longer via streaming, but face to face?
Danna Paola: Yes, we are planning that moment of course. That is something that starts to generate a lot of emotion in me, I really want to stand on a stage and see the people and feel that vibe and that energy that is priceless, unmatched, it really is something I want so much, and it is something that I shared with a lot of my peers in the industry. We live to be live, it is very cool to record a video clip, make songs and everything, but when listening to people chanting a song it is unique.

-Close your eyes and imagine that you are already on that stage, back with your audience, what is the first thing you think or what do you want to say to them?
Danna Paola: I’m going to cry, that’s going to happen, I’m going to cry a lot, I’m going to scream and I’m going to sit there listening to the whole audience and I’m going to say: “Thank you, my God, for these blessings.”… The first thing I’m going to say is thank you, because thank you for waiting, and thank you because I too want to go to a concert and enjoy my favorite music… It is going to be a very epic moment that I want to keep in my mind forever, because it is a before and after in the music industryReturning to a stage after all this has stopped is brutal, it is crucial.


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