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Darryn Binder achieves his first pole in Moto3

South African Moto 3 rider Darryn Binder.

South African Moto 3 rider Darryn Binder.

South African Darryn Binder (KTM) got the first pole position of his sports career being the fastest in the second classification for the Grand Prix of the Valencian Community, at the ‘Ricardo Tormo’ circuit in Cheste, in addition to setting a new absolute Moto3 record.

Binder posted a best time of 1: 38.286, with which he broke the record set in the morning by Italian Tony Arbolino (Honda) with 1: 38.413, ahead of Japanese Kaito Toba (KTM) and Spanish Raúl Fernández (KTM).

The great novelty or perhaps surprise of the first classification was see in it the world leader, the Spanish Albert Arenas (KTM), which the morning rain surprised without the “homework” done and it kept him from improving his personal best record.

Once again, the rain timidly made an appearance again in the first bars of that classification And perhaps that is why Albert Arenas did not want any new surprises and went quickly to the track to try to get his pass to second classification as soon as possible, regardless of the asphalt conditions, knowing how important it was to get a good position in the starting formation.

But the conditions of the track were not the most conducive to practicing motorcycling and this could be seen quickly with the falls of the Hispanic Argentine Gabriel Rodrigo (Honda), overwhelmed by the Italian Riccardo Rossi (Honda), and the Spanish Carlos Tatay (KTM ).

The first valid reference was that of the Spanish Alonso López (Husqvarna), who has already renewed for next season for his current team, with a record of 1: 41.889 and on dry tires, an option that almost all the drivers opted for, risking the most before the situation worsened.

This time the play went well for Albert Arenas, who immediately placed third, only surpassed by López himself and the South African Darryn Binder (KTM), who made his best time on the wheel of the world leader, with the Italian Dennis Foggia ( Honda) in fourth place.

But in the last minutes the British John McPhee (Honda), specialist in this type of conditions, climbed to the top position with a record of 1: 41.8523, which then surpassed Arenas himself by shooting in 1: 40.598 and in the end the whole order changed.

The last lap was decisive and if before it had been Binder who had done his time after the slipstream of Arenas, this time it was the Spanish who was placed behind the South African to establish a 1: 39.677 that gave him the pass to the second classification as first, ahead of Riccardo Rossi, second despite his fall, John McPhee and Darryn Binder.

History was repeated in the second classification, with all the pilots literally stampeding out to prevent the appearance of the rain from truncating their aspirations.

Japanese Tatsuki Suzuki (Honda) was the first leader with an already very fast record of 1: 38.776, although a lap later his compatriot Ai Ogura (Honda) surpassed him with 1: 38.578, and also Japanese Kaito Toba (KTM), placed third, while Albert Arenas was fifth, first and sixth after being overtaken by the Turkish Deniz Öncü (KTM).

In the last outing on the track, with extreme marking from the workshops, Ai Ogura came out ahead of Albert Arenas and both in the tail of the qualifying group, a good position to try to improve the existing times.

The South African Darryn Binder (KTM) was the first surprise by taking the lead in the timesheets with a new absolute record of 1: 38.286, ahead of Kaito Toba, Raúl Fernández, Jaume Masiá, Andrea Migno and Albert Arenas, who finished sixth a millisecond ahead of Ai Ogura.

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