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Daughter and son pay their parents’ mortgage with what they earn in OnlyFans

The siblings have done so well at OnlyFans that they paid off their parents’ mortgage and are about to take them on vacation.

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Daisy Drew and her brother Sean Austin are from Glasgow, Scotland. Both are dedicated to the generation of personal content that they sell on OnlyFans, and They have done so well that with what they get they have paid their parents’ mortgage, published the New York Post.

Daisy is 24 and Sean is 29. He was the first to join the app in December 2019 and encouraged his sister to do the same.

“When I decided to start OnlyFans, the success I had was absolutely amazing and overwhelming, I felt very lucky but at the same time it may seem that many people do not understand it “

Sean Austin.

A year later Daisy did the same while traveling through New Zealand., and was so popular that OnlyFans became their main source of income.

Daisy told her parents about her new activity, and although at first she had doubts about what they would say, because she thought they would be ashamed of her, they both gave her their blessing as long as she is safe and happy.

“My dad is very proud of me, he supports me in what I do”

Daisy Drew.

“The main thing is that my brother and I we’re safe and happy, and that’s the only thing our parents care about, and everything that parents should be concerned about, ”commented Daisy.

The brothers claim to have raised over $ 2 million selling sexy content and now they live in luxury apartments in London, England.

Sean is gay and comments: “I love being able to earn a living not only by being open about my sexuality, but also knowing that you are helping others along the way.” The above in reference to the fact that it has helped followers to accept their sexual preferences.

Daisy says that the best part of the job is the freedom it gives her, plus she can spend time with people she loves, like her parents: “We’re going to LA soon and my brother and I pay for all of that… We have a huge AirBnB with a huge private pool and it will be our first family vacation in about 10 years ”.

“People work all week and all year to have two weeks of vacation, and I understand that and I have seen my mom and dad do it too, but being in a position to have life experiences and create memories, you can’t put a price on it, ”says Daisy.

The brothers are excited about their respective accounts and followers, and whyThey have come a long way. “I can’t wait to see where this all takes us,” Sean concluded.

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