Tuesday, May 18

Daughter of indigenous Mexican migrants wins scholarship at Harvard University

Every day, hundreds of Mexicans cross the border, in search of a better life, not only for themselves but also for their family, especially their children, hoping that the United States will grant them what they could not have in their youth.

Children of Mexican migrants can have the opportunity in the US to receive quality education; However, the situation is complicated when they seek a place at the university, precisely for financial reasons.

But great example has given a young Hispanic woman, who lives in California, who She is the daughter of indigenous migrant parents, who work in the fields in the Coachella Valley, and who from a very young age had only one goal in life: to study university at Harvard.

Now that great dream came true for Elizabeth Esteban, who a few days ago received a letter from Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities, not only in the country, but in the entire world, where they notified him that he had won a 100% scholarship so that you could study the degree you want with them.

“No one in this community has been able to achieve that and I feel very proud and very grateful, and very happy because no one here thinks that someone on this side of the eastern valley can achieve something like this,” Elizabeth said, tearfully, in an interview for Univision.

His parents, who are indigenous to the Purépecha community of the Mexican state of Michoacán, They said they were very proud of their daughter, because despite the difficulties they have experienced, they always encouraged her to continue with her studies.

“If it was worth it, because my daughter has already achieved what she longed for so much, her dream of studying and now with more reason. I am very proud that all of her goals are being met, ”said her mother, Cecilia Esteban.

This family lives in a mobile home in Coachella, so Elizabeth, despite always being a good student, never imagined that she could fulfill her dream of going to Harvard, especially after the pandemic, since she did not have all the tools to continue with his education, such as having very low speed Internet, which he made of his own when he took his interview and exam at Harvard.

“At first I was not going to apply to Harvard because I did not feel that my achievements had deserved to attend such a prestigious university … I am one of the students who also has problems with the Internet because I use what the district gave us, but then I thought about myself myself, that I have to keep fighting and yes, the pandemic is an obstacle that I had to overcome, ”Elizabeth added.

Esteban will study Political Science because he wants to become a congressman from his region; Furthermore, she says she is proud of her achievement as she hopes to be an example for other women in her community that they can break down any barrier.

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