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David Amess, the veteran Eurosceptic who loves animals

An image of David Amess.

An image of David Amess.

David amess, MP “Tory” Eurosceptic stabbed to death this Friday during a meeting with voters, was one of the oldest MPs in the House of Commons, in which he had held a seat since 1983.

Amess, who passed away at 69, represented the Southend West constituency for the Conservative Party in the Lower House, where in recent decades he stood out for his “pro-life” stance in the debates on the 1997 abortion legislation and for his early public advocacy. the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU).

Before the 2016 Brexit referendum, expressed his preference for breaking with the community bloc, even as the moderate wing of the Conservative Party and much of the London political establishment advocated permanence.

Since then, he has been part of the “Leave Means Leave” campaign, which during the years that negotiations with Brussels lasted to define the terms of Brexit put pressure on the United Kingdom to leave not only the EU, but also the community market, the customs union and other European bodies.

Animal lover

On his official website, the deputy “tory” highlighted that his main areas of interest in politics were “animal welfare” and “pro-life” measures.

One of the achievements during his political career of which he was most proud was the passage in 1988 of a law against cruelty in the treatment of animals, which required farmers to avoid the “unnecessary suffering” of beasts.

One of the achievements of which he was most proud was the passage in 1988 of a law against cruelty in the treatment of animals. EFE

It also had a relevant role in the approval in 2000 of a legislation against energy poverty, which allowed the number of households unable to cope with energy bills in the UK to rise from 5.1 million in 1996 to 1.2 million eight years later.

Amess was born in the English town of Plaistow, which in 1965 was absorbed as one of London’s northeast suburbs under the name Newham.

Catholic in education, like her parents, James and Maud Amess, she studied Economics and Governance at Bournemouth University. He worked as a teacher in a primary school for one year (1970-1971) and then went through the banking and consulting sector.

First elections in 1979

He first stood for election in 1979 for the Newham North West constituency, but on that occasion the Labor Party retained a seat that had traditionally been reluctant to vote for the Conservatives.

He was appointed as a district councilor in London in 1982 and a year later he was elected for the first time as an MP in the British Parliament for the Basildon constituency, east of the British capital, a seat that he successfully defended in the next two general elections. , 1987 and 1992.

In 1995, faced with a change in the distribution of English constituencies, he began to represent Southend West, the district in which he was assassinated today while talking to voters.

In recent years, Amess had focused his activity on various committees of the House of Commons, including Health, from which he dealt with issues such as the obesity epidemic in the United Kingdom.

Controversy with sexual assaults

In 2017 he was involved in a controversy when publishing a statement in which he questioned the accusations of sexual assault against the American Harvey Weinstein, who called “dubious, to say the least.”

Before the uproar, the deputy retracted hours later and assured that the statement had been sent by his assistants in parliament without his “authorization.”

Only three serving members of the House of Commons are older than Amess: his party mate Peter Bottomley, who arrived in 1975, and Labor Barry Sheeramn (1979) and Harriet Harman (1982).


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