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David Muñoz’s 5 favorite restaurants

David Munoz, ‘Dabiz’, he is the king Midas of gastronomy, with some missteps: (almost) everything he touches makes it edible and successful (Diverxo, Steetxo, Goxo…).

about to open Ravioxo in Madrid, where his majesty pasta will reign, and with more future establishments in the slalom of the ridge, choose the five favorite restaurants, with an unexpected ending: the familiar and sentimental recommendation of the “best lobster rice in the world” at a price friendly, as those old CDs proclaimed.

The best of the best, according to The Best Chefs Awards.

Lera (Castroverde de Campos): number one in hunting

Exterior of the Lera restaurant. CLAY

“For five years I have celebrated my birthday a day in Clay and the next day in Etxebarri. Lera freaks me out for the way Luis Alberto has of cook the hunt, which is spectacular. He really seems like a ‘game changer’ to me [cambiador de juego] As for hunting. In many things and not only in how he cooks it, but also in its non-ripening, in how it freezes a lot of it, in the result it has on the plate… In addition, it is the only restaurant in the world that I know in which you eat a menu of 14 game dishes and at night you are hungry and have digested well. It seems to me the ‘number one’ in his thing”.

Etxebarri (Axpe): the world beacon of the grill

Bittor Arginzoniz, in the Etxebarri restaurant.

“Etxebarri, obviously, is another ‘game changer’. Now it seems very normal to us maybe grill things like eels, or chorizo ​​with a certain grill and with a pulley, and now everyone has pulleys in their restaurants, and I am the first. But the one who changed the game was Etxebarri and he is the one who continues to be, to this day, the beacon of embers worldwide. It seems to me an indisputable number one”.

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Roostiq (Madrid): the secret dough of pizza

In Roostiq (Madrid) they encourage you to pair their torreznos with champagne.

“It is the restaurant I go to on a recurring basis in Madrid. I like everything they do… The vegetables are theirs, the pizza dough is spectacular… [Alberto] Zoilo, who is the owner, also has a obsession with pizzas for years. I will tell you that the composition of the dough is known only to him and his chef. This is real. And when his chef is on vacation, he, who does nothing to do with cooking, absolutely nothing, makes the dough. I think everything they have is amazing., in addition to a wonderful wine list”.

Culler de Pau (O Grove): speech, technique and taste

Room of the restaurant Culler de Pau. SPOON OF PEACE

“I’ve only been once, which was this summer. What you see most about Culler de Pau are clean lines and everything is very Japanese in some ways… I thought that it would also be like that when it came to taste, and when I started eating I realized that it had a lot of flavor. What he likes is that he has speech, a lot of speechor; It has technique, a lot of technique and it also has a lot of flavor, with which the emotion around your table is guaranteed”.

La Paloma II (Madrid): the best rice with lobster in the world

Facade of the La Paloma II restaurant.

“I like the restaurant very much. The Dove II in [el barrio de] The Elipa, which is on Calle Marqués de Corbera, because from a very young age my parents took me there. We have celebrated birthdays, saints, family things. Whenever we go we order some fried food and, above all, the rice, the rice in broth with lobster that is… I don’t know if I have mythologized it, or not, because I was there before the pandemic and it still seems as spectacular to me as I remembered it. As a child I was like “wow, the best rice with lobster in the world”. I don’t think it is the best rice with lobster in the world, but I will tell you that, from what I know, It has the best value for money of the best broth rice with lobster in the world”.

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