Sunday, November 29

Day of the Dead: where does Mexico’s special relationship with death come from

  • Marcos Gonzalez Diaz
  • BBC News Mundo correspondent in Mexico

“The cult of life, if it really is deep and total, is also a cult of death. Both are inseparable. A civilization that denies death ends up denying life.”

Few phrases like this one by Octavio Paz better define the position that Mexicans maintain in the face of death and which they boast with tremendous pride every year on the Day of the Dead.

While in much of the planet this date is marked by sadness and tears, in Mexico it is surrounded by a halo of party and color, of celebration of life and of reunion with the deceased believed to return to our world for a day.

And far from losing strength over the years, this particular way of celebrating the Day of the Dead it goes from generation to generation. As in the case of Gabriela Luna, a young woman from Mexico City who took up this tradition after the loss of her maternal grandmother.

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