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Dayanara Torres happy to drive the ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’ carpet without neglecting her delicate health

Dayanara Torres happy to drive the 'Premio Lo Nuestro' carpet without neglecting her delicate health

Dayanara Torres.

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Dayanara Torres every time she leaves her comfort zone, life surprises her with a new success … For this reason, she exclusively confesses that when her manager, Jennifer Nieman, called her to tell her that Univision invited her to drive ‘Night of Stars’ of Lo Nuestro Award, for the first time said that “Yes”, without hesitation.

“I don’t even know how I got into ‘Look Who Dances’ yet (laughs)… I look back and say to myself: ‘how?’… This time Jennifer calls me and tells me to animate the magenta carpet, and I don’t know why did I say, ‘come on, I’ll do it’ “Dayanara confesses from her home in Los Angeles, still surprised with herself.

For Dayanara, who comes from fighting cancer, taking this step in her career is a greater challenge, since she is aware that she will have to take extreme care when it comes to not only getting back on a plane, but everything that is rehearsals and the awards carpet itself.

“I have not traveled for a year, for these reasons, as a precaution and because of my immune system … Happy, happy to be able to make the carpet with Raúl de Molina, I’m excited”, he assures.

These awards are special, they will be the first in 2021, after a difficult 2020 with the pandemic and all those that had to be canceled. Dayanara is aware of this, particularly in the absence of the public due to COVID-19.

“The most important thing is that one has to continue giving hope, the desire to converse with famous people, the people who are watching it on television, because it is being done only for television… It is important that the public experiences and can see what that you have always wanted to see “.

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Although Dayanara has been locked up all this time, especially for her health and delicate immune system, she feels that her daring, with extreme precautions, is also a message for the public.

“Being there will be a message, you have to move on, you have to be careful, you have to take care of yourself … It is important to let you know, because of my health problems, because of my immune system, I am doing everything possible to be protected and lead my normal life, you have to keep sending hope, the show has to go on “, says the actress and model.

On several occasions, Dayanara, touches on the subject of health in this interview via zoom, the important thing is that you are well, that the melanoma that was diagnosed two years ago, and that completely changed her life, is dominated.

“I’m fine, now that I finished my melanoma treatments last year, I have to go to the clinic every three months, and until the sun today, thank God, everything is still negative … I’m fine”.

‘Noche de Estrellas’ is this Thursday, February 18 at 7/6 PM Central on Univision and is the prelude to ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’, from the Dayanara magenta carpet with Raúl de Molina, Clarissa Molina, Jomari Goyso and Tony Dandrades, they will receive and interview the famous nominees of the night.


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