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Dazn, Amazon, Movistar + … where will we see football in 2022?

Before, the big leagues faced contests to award their rights with a certain joy. The televisions were clear that live sport was the great driver subscribers and no one wanted to miss out. And this is shown by the data, as the audiovisual income of European football has doubled in the last decade, reaching 7.9 billion euros in 2019.

But the 2018 price correction in the Premier League arrived, the recession in Serie A, the stagnation in the Bundesliga and the grotesque in the middle of the pandemic – it has no other name – in Ligue-1, which renounced the reduction of 25 % that Mediapro asked for during Covid-19 and has ended up giving it to Amazon for 50% less. In those, and with the drums of the Super League in the background, it is LaLiga’s turn to go out on the market.

Theban plans

English football managed to maintain its income in the United Kingdom by putting more games on television and opening the door to Amazon, something that we are more than sure going to see this time in Spain. This week the football industry met at the Wanda Metropolitano, and there Javier Tebas revealed the details of the contest that will open soon. And he revealed the two aces up his sleeve with which – that’s how football is – aspires to a maximum of 2% improve the income he achieved in the cycle that now ends. At stake, just over 1,100 million annually.

The president of the LFP wants to break with the traditional sales model that had left Telefónica as the only realistic candidate to bid for Primera’s television rights

The first, prior to the Viana Pacts toll, is to extend the number of years of the contract from three to five, a new scenario that allows announcers define longer-term strategies to recoup your investment. The second was to break with the traditional sales model that had left them with Telefónica as the only realistic candidate to bid for the First Division rights. If only two options were defined for pay television three years ago, now the patron of Spanish football has created up to seven alternatives. Divide and conquer.

Let’s see the options: get the nine paid games exclusively; Those nine crashes plus the open game shared with the TV on duty; nine games for one, although with three single games for another; the same formula of all inside or with specific days for an operator, but with two lots (7 + 3 games), and the same but with two lots of five crashes.

If only two options were defined for pay television three years ago, now the patron of Spanish football has created up to seven alternatives

And that’s where Amazon Prime Video and Dazn come in, two OTTs that have already debuted with football in the other major leagues and are now called to enter Spain. Maybe get ready for a soccer Christmas and shopping with Amazon, or the need to have two subscriptions if you want to see the whole season. And so it will be until the clubs come up with the numbers to do like Disney and sell directly without intermediaries. LaLiga already has the technology, and for the moment Asobal, Lnfs and LEB Oro are its testing ground.

The ‘economic hawk’ returns from Thebes

Related news

This Monday the LaLiga delegate committee will vote on the return of Javier Gomez, father of the economic control of Spanish football and the executive who has been most implacable with all the non-compliant clubs. His arrival after two years supporting the agency Arturo Canales It has been received with open arms by many clubs, who have seen how much of the work of recent years has been washed away by the pandemic. Remember: the joint losses of 2020-2021 can go above 700 million euros, largely due to Barcelona.

The Barça case is one of the most worrisome, especially with this attempt to present two accounting closings, one attributed to Josep Maria Bartomeu and the manager, with 481 million losses, and another in profits since they took office. It is not something that they are going to buy, because there are judgments that go against it, and because it is perceived as a maneuver to lower the amount of the guarantees. It is very difficult to argue that anticipating amortizations for 138 million is not to charge losses to the previous board, no matter how badly the current value of the workforce may paint. October 24 will be The classic, but October 6 could be much more key: Bartomeu’s management audit will be presented. Afraid.

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