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DAZN on Kodi: how to install it and what it will do for you

we will explain how to use DAZN on Kodi installing an Add-on that acts as the official application of the platform. It is not an independent application like the normal ones, but a way that in Kodi and with the interface of this application the content of the service is accessed.

The process is simple, since you will only have to install an addon on Kodi from an external repository. We will start the article by telling you what you gain from this, and then we will explain the installation process step by step.

What can be used to watch DAZN on Kodi

There are several ways you can watch DAZN on your TV, such as through Xbox and PlayStation consoles, or Apple TV, Fire TV, or Google TV devices. It is also a platform with web versions and mobile apps. However, if you have a tv that is not smart Kodi can be a very useful tool, since you can install it from devices connected to the TV to build your own with a Raspberry Pi.

It can also be useful when you already have a device that accepts applications for your TV, but it is already a bit old and these applications are no longer supported. In these cases, Kodi can be a perfectly valid alternative to access this content.

In addition, it is also a good alternative when you want to centralize all your content in a single application so you don’t have to open the app for each platform. The same thing happens when you install Netflix on Kodi, that the content is integrated into Kodi itself, so you will be able to access everything more easily.

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How to Install Plex Addon on Kodi

Download and set up DAZN on Kodi

download dazin

The first thing you have to do to watch DAZN on the latest versions of Kodi is download your addon from an online repository. We are going to use the website, where we will use the search engine to find the DAZN applications. This will give you access to the apps available for the version of Kodi you have. You have to put this ZIP file on the device where you have Kodi installed in order to launch it.


Now, go into the Kodi app. Once you are inside, in the left column select the option Add-ons. Once you have selected it, click on the option Enter the Add-ons browser that will appear inside. This will take you to the screen where you will be able to manage the ones you have installed.

From Zip

You will enter the add-on explorer, where you will see the options to see the ones you have installed or to install others. Here, click on the option Install from a .zip file. You will get a warning telling you that these add-ons can be dangerous for your computer, and you have to click on Yes when it asks if you want to continue. If you’ve never done this before, you may see a dialog that takes you to settings, where you can turn on installing files from unknown sources.

Install plugin

This will open a file explorer in which you have to browse and select the .zip file with DAZN that we have downloaded before. If you have downloaded it on another device, you will have to find a way to have it on the one where you use Kodi or download it directly there using a browser.

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Launch Dazin

DAZN will be installed on your Kodi, and when the installation is done, you can now launch the application in your Add-ons list. When you are going to do it, you will have to write the email and password of your account to be able to start accessing the content.

Kodi on Android, how to install and configure addons


But you should keep in mind that the first time you go to use it you will be asked to install several plugins on Kodi, add-ons that are necessary in order to properly view DAZN. Therefore, you will have to accept its installation.

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