Tuesday, May 24

De “sleepy Joe” a émulo de Franklin D. Roosevelt

That great Democratic president was not only the politician who added his country to the great collective effort to save Europe from the demons of fascism, but also who with his New Deal helped the US out of the Great Depression.

Roosevelt owes great social and labor reforms that were embodied, among many other things, in a social security law, aid programs for farmers and street workers, a minimum wage, and the right of workers to organize into powerful unions. .

That is, everything that, many years later, would be dedicated to dismantling not only the Republican Ronald Reagan, determined anti-unionist like his contemporary Margaret Thatcher, but also his Democratic successors like Bill Clinton, who opened the country wide to free trade and contributed to the weakening of the social state.

According to official statistics, the purchasing power of the average white American worker fell by 13 percent between 1979 and 2017 while the average income grew by 85 percent, which does not mean anything other than a scandalous increase in income. economic inequality.

The accelerated deindustrialization of the central states of the country, the Rust Belt it put hundreds of thousands of workers out of work and forced them many times to take jobs in the service sector that barely gave a living.

That process continued with the also Democrat Barack Obama and explains the electoral success of a demagogue as Donald Trump, which would have been impossible without the feeling of abandonment of millions of workers by a Democratic party more concerned with the financial world, new professionals and so-called identity politics.

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Biden, who served as vice president during the two presidencies of Barack Obama, seems to have learned the lesson this time and, in addition to giving a spectacular boost to the vaccination campaign, has wanted to refute the image he had as a moderate or rather conservative Democrat.

The president knows that if he wants to avoid that his presidency is just a parenthesis in the Trump era, he must make an effort to convince millions of disillusioned workers that the Democratic Party is going to take care of them this time.

Biden seems to have learned something else from his experience with Obama, too, who tried to please Republicans without even the slightest appreciation. He knows that there is no compromise with an intransigent and dedicated Republican Party obstructionism.

Hence I have decided a $ 1.9 trillion plan – nearly 40 percent of the federal budget and about 9 percent of U.S. GDP – for boost the economy.

The stimulus plan includes a check for $ 1,400 to each American and a $ 300 weekly unemployment benefit bonus plus generous child tax deductions.

“We cannot tolerate people starving or people being evicted. We have to act decisively now, “said the President when he announced his stimulus plan.

This year alone, the country will borrow about 2.3 trillion dollars, which represents more than ten percent of GDP, although to finance the ambitious infrastructure program, Biden will not use the debt but will resort to an increase of taxes for those who earn more than $ 400,000 a year.

The always offensive Trump will never be able to call him “sleepy Joe” again.

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