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Deadly party in a tourist apartment in Prosperidad

For a year, the festivities inside the tourist apartments on Calle de Sánchez Pacheco, 62, in the Prosperidad neighborhood, had brought the neighbors headlong. The five ‘lofts’, built inside a 300 square meter old advertising agency, located at street level inside a residential building, had become the ideal refuge for groups of young people. Tenants hungry for revelry at a time marked by the restrictions of the pandemic. But on Thursday, inside one of them, the noise led to discussion and the threats turned into stab wounds. Two, to be more exact, that ended the life of a 20-year-old Spanish youth, beaten in the thorax and abdomen.

There was no possibility of resuscitation.

The National Police is now working on identifying the perpetrator, who fled the scene before the arrival of the officials. As he left the apartment, he threw the murder weapon – a knife still with the traces of blood – in the immediate vicinity. A team from the Violent Crimes Section (DEVI) of the Scientific Police traveled to the enclave, which was closed to traffic by the Municipal Police, to collect samples, among them that of the knife itself, Sent to be tested for DNA from the alleged assailant.

Meanwhile, investigators have taken statements from several of the victim’s friends, present at the time of the murder. The crime took place minutes after 7:45 p.m., when a neighbor alerted the emergency services of a heated argument between two men. “I heard screams and saw seven or eight girls running,” said a Portuguese man yesterday, settled in the front doorway. Another witness insisted that four young men they left the loft with a bottle and they went back in to help the wounded man. By then, it was too late. “He is dying, he is dying!” Heard the residents, shortly before the arrival of the toilets.

Agents of the National Police, on Thursday, after the murder
Agents of the National Police, on Thursday, after the murder – IGNACIO MOREIRA

The remains of blood were still visible hours after the event, concentrated mainly on the doors of floors 2 and 3. One of the hypotheses is that the young man stabbed tried to save himself by seeking shelter in the house next door. The Homicide Group in charge of the case tries to decide if the attack was motivated by a settling of accounts or it derived from an occasional fight. Be that as it may, the agents recriminated the rest of the attendees the delay in giving the warning voice, which would explain why the crime was committed in the context of a more tumultuous brawl. “It was chaos,” summed up an elderly woman, convinced for months that something like this could happen.

The truth is that the residents of the communities closest to the tourist apartments have long been studying the possibilities to end the controversial situation. “We have told the owner many times, that this is a lack of control, but he has never done anything,” a couple warned as soon as they left the portal. Over the months following the confinement, the Police went to the enclave on several occasions. The problem, pointed out those affected, is that nobody opened the door and the agents were leaving. Though not always. “There was a time when they waited for 12 o’clock in the morning (‘check-out’ time) and the kids were leaving,” they acknowledged. In the street, they asked for the documentation to draw up the pertinent acts of sanction.

At noon yesterday, the few passers-by who passed through the enclave did so by stopping in front of the homicide facade. On the windowsills of the narrow and elongated windows of each of the five ‘lofts’ stood as many boxes, closed with a numeric code, as a phantom reception. “Here we have seen minors take the keys from the boxes and enter the houses,” recalled another woman. In fact, the neighborhood outrage became such that there were days when the small locks woke up sealed with silicone.

The Original Version pub, adjacent to the tourist apartments
The Original Version pub, adjacent to the tourist apartments – OF SAN BERNARDO

Surprising as it may seem, the crime, at this point on Sánchez Pacheco Street, is not the first to occur. In June 2004, a 76-year-old ex-military shot dead to a young man of 27 at the doors of the Original Version pub, adjacent to the current tourist apartments. Immediately afterwards, the perpetrator of the shot also died when the same pistol was detonated during the subsequent struggle with a friend of the victim. The fateful dispute took place after three months earlier the youngest of the deceased beat the ex-soldier’s son. “Kill them, daddy, kill them!”, He shouted to his father, after noticing his presence in the aforementioned bar and returning to his father.

Now, 17 years after that, tragedy strikes again at the heart of Prosperidad, the last stronghold of ‘neighborhood’ that resists in the noble zone of Chamartín.

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