Tuesday, October 26

Decaffeinated Saint Patrick in Benidorm

Atypical celebration of Saint Patrick's Day in a place in the English area of ​​Benidorm.

Atypical celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in a place in the English area of ​​Benidorm.

The absence of British tourists in Benidorm and other restrictions imposed to curb the coronavirus pandemic They have not prevented that the few places open in the English part of the city have celebrated this Wednesday, although in a very decaffeinated way, the now classic Saint Patrick’s Day, the day of the patron saint of Ireland, which historically brought together thousands of people to dye the streets of green.

As it already happened in 2020, this year nothing has been the same either. Yes, there have been green flags with the colors of Ireland in the half a dozen establishments that remain open to serve mainly British people living in the city or in neighboring towns. Also, hats, wigs, costumes or green shirts. And, above all, Celtic music and beer to toast, although sharing space with masks and safety distances to prevent infections.

Municipal sources have indicated that for the first time in many years the Local Police have not designed any special operations on the occasion of this day, because large crowds were not expected to gather as usual. This fact, together with the fact that all bars have to close at 6 pm, did not foresee any complication and that the few who came out to celebrate would do so within normality, as it has ended up being that way.

However, in order not to let this date fall into oblivion and with the hope that Saint Patrick’s Day will return very soon to what it was, the Benidorm City Council will illuminate three of its most emblematic buildings this Wednesday in green: The Castell, the Tossal de la Cala and the town hall building. Municipal sources have stated that, “with the hope of a speedy return to normalcy, the City Council wants to encourage citizens, and especially those from the British Isles, with the color that represents hope and the Irish saint in the most representative enclaves “of the city.

And the same has been done by other private companies, such as the Servigroup hotel chain, which has illuminated the façade of its hotels in green in an initiative also coordinated by the Generalitat Valenciana, through Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, in collaboration with the Spanish Office of Dublin Tourism. In addition, in the province of Alicante, other emblematic areas of tourist interest will also be illuminated in green, such as the Castle of Santa Bárbara de Alicante; the Altea Town Hall and the Dénia City Council; The bridge of Saint George of Alcoy; the Tower of the Church of Santa María de Villena; Plaza Sant Christol les Go de El Campello and the monument of the Magi of there.


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