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Decathlon electric bicycles: what models do they sell and which are the best

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Decathlon has many more electric bicycles than you think, city models, folding or mountain bikes with great autonomy.

Electric mobility is more fashionable than ever. A revolution that goes from electric cars to electric scooters and electric bicycles. And electric bicycles have a special importance because they have become a fast and very cheap form of transport.

If you are thinking of buying an electric bicycle, you should know that Decathlon has many models available for all needs. They have electric bikes of all kinds, from city ​​walk, folding electric bikes and also of mountain biking.

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Decathlon bicycles are separated into brands like the rest of the products of the specialist sports brand.

  • Elops electric bikes they are city or city bikes, focused on people who want to use them on hard asphalt surfaces and who have space to store them
  • BTWIN Electric Bicycles They are the most compact and foldable models, very useful if you want them to take up little space to store them in your apartment or take them to your office or on public transport
  • Rockrider electric bikes They are the mountain bike models with front or front and rear suspension and special durability to withstand very harsh conditions.
  • Riverside Electric Bikes These are the models that are focused on trekking, for example to use it on mixed terrain between roads and asphalt. They even have front suspension

There is a high demand for electric bicycles, which is why not all models are available in their stores or on their online store.

We have chosen the best models of electric bicycles from Decathlon that you can buy right now and with stock so you can buy them online and have them sent to your home or pick them up at one of their centers.

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Then it’s just a matter of assembling or tuning it, charging the battery and starting to do kilometers without much effort to save time and money.

  1. The best mountain ebike
  2. The best mountain ebike for women
  3. The best urban touring ebike
  4. The best folding ebike
  5. The best trekking ebike
  6. The best connected ebike

Mountain: Rockrider ST 100

Rockrider ST 100

One of Decathlon’s best-selling electric mountain bikes is Rockrider ST 100. A model with an excellent value for money with a mountain design and front suspension to be able to move in mountains and all kinds of roads without difficulty.

Rockrider ST 100 features a 250W motor and a 380 Wh battery with a range of about 2 hours and 15 minutes using it without pedal assistance. Therefore you can turn it on only when you need it and last much longer with the help of pedaling.

It has 3 assistance speeds, a replaceable battery with a locking system, an 8-speed system, front suspension with 100mm travel and 27.5-inch wheels.

It is available in sizes S, M, L and XL for 1,099.99 euros.

Women’s Mountain: Rockrider Ebike ST 100

Rockrider Ebike ST 100

In the same way as the previous model, this Rockrider Ebike ST 100 is the women’s version with very similar characteristics.

It has the same 250W motor and 380Wh battery with a autonomy of 2h and 15m. It also has 3 power modes, 8 speed system, front suspension, 27.5″ 23mm thick wheels, front and rear disc brakes… Exactly the same except for the frame design.

Available in sizes S, M, L and XL for 1,099.99 euros.

Urban touring: Elops 900 E

Elops 900 E

Elops 900 E It’s an electric city bike that will help you get to your appointments sooner or get much less tired climbing those hellish hills in your city. And if you live in a flat city, at least you sweat less.

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It has a 250 W motor with a battery housed under the rear luggage rack, in addition the battery is removable and has a safety mechanism. The battery offers autonomy of 70 km and it has 3 power levels that will help you pedal or move alone up to 25 km/h as established by European law. It even has a USB port to be able to charge a mobile at the same time.

It has double disc brakes, front suspension fork, 28″ wheels, kickstand and 7-speed system.

Elops 900 E is available online at Decathlon for 1,199.99 euros.

Folding: BWIN TILT 500


If you are looking for a folding electric bike that is easy to use and that you can put practically anywhere, from storing it in the trunk of your car or taking it without problems on public transport, this electric bike BTWIN TILT 500 is an excellent and cheap option.

It folds into 3 parts, on the one hand the frame, the handlebar and the saddle. It has a 250 W motor and a 187 Wh battery with a range of 35 km. In addition, the battery is hidden inside the frame so you can take it out and charge it without having to take the whole bike with you.

It has a 6-speed system, shoe brakes, 20-inch wheels and a front and rear lighting system.

It costs less than 900 euros on the Decathlon website with home delivery or delivery to a physical store.

Trekking: Riverside 500 E

Riverside 500 E

If your intention is to have a bike to be able to use it on any type of intermediate terrain, such as asphalt, bike paths or some gravel roads, this Riverside 500 E It is the best choice for both men and women.

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This electric bike has a 250 W motor and a battery with a range of up to 90 km in eco mode and up to 50 km in sport mode. The battery is replaceable and has a security system.

It has a front suspension fork, disc brakes, an 8-speed system and 28-inch wheels.

You can find it at Decathlon in sizes S, M, L and XL for 1,199.99.

Connected: Elops 920 HF

Elops 920 HF

The Elops 920 HF electric bike is a rather special model in the Decathlon catalog. It is your city bike with battery and also internet connectivity so that from its application you can learn more about your bike.

It has a location so that in case of loss or theft you can know exactly where it is. You can also create security zones so that it alerts you when it leaves a specific area. You will be able to know the mileage or even create routes.

For the rest, it is an electric bike with a 250 W motor, 36V and 11.6 Ah battery that offers a autonomy of about 50 km to 90 km.

It has a Shimano Nexus 7-speed system that you can change even while standing still, plus integrated LED lighting in the frame. 28-inch wheels, suspension front fork with 63mm travel and hydraulic disc brakes.

You can buy it for 1899.99 euros.

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