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Declaration of NYC as an ‘orange zone’ and closure of the interior of restaurants would be in the first week of December

The panorama looming on the horizon for the New York City because of COVID-19 resurgence is not encouraging at all, and in a matter of days, of following the infections increasing as has been the constant since the end of October, in the first week of December the closure of the interior service in the restaurants would be ordered and the declaration of the entire Big Apple would come into force as’Orange Zone ‘of risk for him coronavirus.

This is how he warned this Friday Mayor Bill de Blasio, who anticipated that after the celebration of the Day of Thanksgiving, New Yorkers will begin to feel the effects of the coronavirus in restaurants, non-essential businesses, churches, hair salons and gyms.

“On the general situation of the restrictions that are coming, I have been very open about the fact that the Governor has said that an orange zone is coming up to New York City. Based on our projections based on state data, that will happen shortly after Thanksgiving, probably the first week of december, assured De Blasio, anticipating that there will soon be a new pronouncement on the future of schools, although the restrictions of State Orange Zone, prevent schools from opening at that stage.

“That means a variety of restrictions, including closing indoor dining rooms and close the gyms, among other things. And again, I say that with the pain it means for the people who work in those places that need them for their livelihood, the people who own those small businesses and try to make them get ahead. But that’s what is going to happen, “he warned Mayor. “On the schools, we will certainly have an update before Thanksgiving. I think that in the next few days we will have an update on the reopening plan and what will be needed ”.

The De Blasio’s warning It occurs just after stating that hospitalizations in the Big Apple remain very high, with 115 people hospitalized this Friday and new infections shot upwards, with a figure that reached in the last 24 hours more than 1,300 cases. Although the Intensive Care Units do not report an increase and few people, the average number of infections on the last day was 2.36%, and in the last 7 days it still does not fall at 3.02%.

Where are we going?

“The question now iss where are we going? It’s painful to talk about it and the city has been through so much, but when we have 1,255 new cases in a 24-hour period we have to deal with it (…) And the only way we can tackle it is by establishing restrictions ”, said De Blasio, adding that he understands that this will cause a lot of pain and affect New Yorkers economically and emotionally, but also acknowledging that these closures will put the city on the right track in the fight against COVID.

“We know this. We know this from what we did in March and April. We know it even as recently as what we did in brooklyn and queens. Which were very high levels of positivity. And by putting restrictions, we were able to bring them down, ”the politician stressed. “So I agree with the State on this. We need restrictions. It’s about what we have learned over and over again in this city and across the state and around the world. It is clear that restrictions are the only way to reverse this type of increase ”.
De Blasio also reiterated his message that no one goes on vacation at Thanksgiving holidays, in order not to increase the risks of contagion and celebrate in small family groups, and incidentally warned that if someone does not have food to celebrate that date and in general, ask the City for help.

“What we have said since the beginning of the crisis is that We’re not letting any New Yorkers go hungry, period. And we have invested a lot of resources in that. So the bottom line is that anyone who doesn’t have access to food and needs it can call 311 or visit, ”said the Mayor. “There, we are supporting soup kitchens, food pantries, we have meals to go and available in public schools, even when they are temporarily closed, we are still distributing meals, not only for children, but also for families, to anyone who I needed it. during the day on school days. And if someone needs home delivery, there are a lot of people who just can’t get out for physical or medical reasons, we will provide direct home delivery if that’s what it takes. “

New Yorkers worried about more closures

Diana Lopez, Who works at the J & M bakery in Astoria, a neighborhood that has already been declared a Yellow Zone, given the increase in infections above 3%, was very concerned about the eventual closure of food places in the interior.

“You don’t know what to do. If businesses like these close then we will be unemployed and on the street. I think the City has done things wrong and now we are going to pay the price for those of us who have behaved well, because what it should have done weeks ago, when infections began to increase It was to close the airports, that’s where they have brought us more infections“Said the Salvadoran mother.

Likewise, Felipe Mondoño, from Mexican Tacos, also from Astoria, asked the Mayor nowl Governor Cuomo that if the time comes to close more businesses, they also already have an economic assistance plan for the workers and owners who will be again with the water to the neck.

“We here with that cold that has already begun we are not going to have anyone at those two tables that we have outside. Closing in would be killing us and if they do, then let them help us too, because it is not fair that we go back to being without anything. The Covid kills, but it kills more hunger and the despair of debtsadded the Mexican.

Meanwhile, and although it was the Governor Andrew Cuomo who left in the hands of the mayor De Blasio The decision to order the closure of schools, which came into effect on Thursday, after the city exceeded the average of 3% in infections for 7 consecutive days, the same state president said that the schools do not represent a greater risk if they are left open .

“Medical research, as well as data from the Northeast states, across the country, and around the world, make it clear that learning in person is safe, when appropriate protections are in place, even in communities with high transmission rates ”mentioned the Governor. “In-person learning is the best possible scenario for children, especially those with special needs and from low-income families. There is also growing evidence that the more time children spend outside of school, the risk of damage to mental health increases and affects their ability to truly learn.

What restrictions will there be when the city is declared an orange zone:

  • Churches may operate at 33 percent capacity, maximum 25 people
  • Massive meetings will be a maximum of 10 people, indoors and outdoors
  • High-risk non-essential businesses will be closed, such as gyms and personal care such as beauty, nail and gym salons
  • The restaurants will cancel their indoor service and can only offer outdoor tables, with a maximum of 4 people per table.
  • Schools will be closed and learning will be remote mode only

COVID-19 in NYC Facts

  • 115 hospitalizations were recorded in the last day
  • 34.4% of them tested positive for COVID-19
  • 1,307 new infections were registered on Thursday
  • 2.36% is the average of positive cases on the last day
  • 3.02% is the average of positive cases in the last 7 days
  • 2.5 and 3% is the percentage of positive infections in Astoria

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