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Decorate your home with a ficus, the easiest plant to care for

Ficus are very easy to care for at home.

Whether you are a lover of inside plants as if you simply use them to give a touch of freshness and to your home, the ficus it is one of the plants to consider. The ficus is a very long-lived tree and above all very easy to maintain. For this reason it is ideal for those who are not very knowledgeable when it comes to take care of plants that decorate your home.

How to care for a ficus at home

The ficus is a very resistant plant but it needs a little care so that it grows healthy and lasts for many years.

  1. One of the fundamental things that you must take into account if you have a ficus at home is the light it needs. The lighting should be abundant but indirect. That is, it does not come at all well that the sun’s rays hit it directly. A little corner in semi-shade will be the ideal place to place a ficus at home.

  2. The next aspect to consider is the Water. You have to water them once a week in summer and space watering every two weeks in winter. It is not convenient for the roots to get waterlogged so you can use a sprayer to keep the leaves wet.

  3. The temperature it is also important for the good development of the ficus. Ideally, the house should be between 20 and 25 degrees. In addition, it must be taken into account that they do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature very well.

  4. Finally, it is also important that the soil is well fertilized. You can use a liquid fertilizer every two weeks to provide the necessary vitamins.

Types of ficus to decorate your home

There are many types of ficus ideal to decorate your home. There are more than 800 varieties of this plant. Ficus Benjamina, Ficus Ginseng, Ficus Lyrata, Ficus Elástica, Ficus Carica, Ficus Microcarpa and Ficus Pumila They are some of the best known and easy to buy in any florist.

Plants are ideal to bring a fresh touch to your home. Pixabay

The Ficus Benjamina It is perhaps the most common and can be found in many homes since it adapts perfectly to interiors and its showy leaves are very decorative.

The Ficus Ginseng It is also a favorite of decorators. His appearance of bonsai makes it look very elegant in any corner of your home. Choose a beautiful pot that coordinates well with the rest of the decorative elements for a refined and natural effect.

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