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Decorate your home with cacti, the fashionable plants that need less care

Decorate your home with cacti, a growing trend.

Decorate your home with cacti, a growing trend.

The cactus (cactaceae O cacti, according to its scientific name) are trend in decor. Are plants with thorns have become an essential element for the decorators and in usual of the decorating magazines this fall. And, in addition to the fact that cacti look great in any room of your home they have many more benefits than the purely aesthetic ones.

These plants purify the air and neutralize electromagnetic waves. Also, they are super easy to care and they last a long time without water. The succulents (a particular type of cactus) are also ideal in any corner of the home.

Cacti need little water to survive Pixabay

How to care for a cactus?

First of all it is obvious that cacti they don’t need the you water a lot. These desert plants are used to surviving several months without water so they won’t give you much trouble at home. These succulent plants accumulate the little water they receive inside and distribute it very slowly through their tissues. In this way they adapt to the habitat in which they live. Thanks to this quality they survive in dry land and of course, at your home.

Decorate your home with cacti, the fashionable plants that need less care Pixabay

Beyond the little watering that succulents need, the illumination it is very important to them. Receiving the sun’s rays directly is not always beneficial for everyone. As a general rule, species with hairs and spikes do well to live in full sun. Other species with fewer spines and the crass They need a little shade and ventilation. The cold and humidity do not bring them anything positive and can damage them, so it is better to keep them in dry environments.

Cactus benefits

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of cacti they will bring to your home, they also have Benefits for your health. First they purify the air. On the other hand, they neutralize electromagnetic waves. For this reason, it is advisable to place them in the office, next to the computer.

Place cactus next to your computer. Pixabay

Where to place cacti at home?

Any room in the house is good to decorate with plants crass. From the bathroom to the kitchen through the dining room and as we have already pointed out previously, the office or office that you have set up at home.

Cacti are ideal in kitchens and bathrooms. Pixabay

Cacti are a trend

The cactus are trend and not only the natural ones. Its fun spiky shapes have become the main motif of other decorative elements such as cactus wallpaper for the walls, cushions, curtains and sofa covers. There is also a great variety of artificial cactus on the market that you can place anywhere.

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