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Decoration tricks | Feng shui and mirrors, all the keys to achieve harmony in your home

Don't place the bed in front of a mirrored closet.

Don’t place the bed in front of a mirrored closet.

Mirrors and Feng shui they don’t make a good couple. This axiom is important when it comes to decorate your home if you want to achieve an environment full of harmony and good energies. And that’s what Feng shui is about, Energy. Whether you believe in them or not, it is always good to know what is philosophy china preaches and then you choose if you want to apply them when organizing the different spaces of your home for energy to flow through them.

In the East they have trusted it for centuries, so perhaps some reason is there. It literally means “wind and Water”, Since in the beginning he studied how changes in nature, the weather and the stars influenced people and their luck. Over time, these beliefs have become law for some decorators who strictly follow their teachings to achieve spaces full of color and positivity.

But well, let’s get back to the topic of Mirrors, the main enemies of Feng shui. According to this philosophy, they are double-edged tools. For this reason we must take great care where and how we place the mirrors in our houseas they can be dangerous if we put them in the wrong place.

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Is it good to have mirrors in the bedroom?

One of the most common places where these objects are found is in the bedroom. Something logical on the other hand, since if your house does not have a dressing room, you will surely choose this room to get dressed and see the result of your look before going out. However, it is one of the rooms in which it can be the most damaging for us, according to, of course, Feng Shui. Especially at the time of rest. And it seems that sleeping being reflected by a mirror is not good, although there are nuances.

When we sleep in front of him, the laws of this chinese superstition They say that our vital energy will be traveling all night between the mirror and us, as it bounces it off us. East constant flow of energy It will cause us to not rest well and we will feel tired throughout the day, probably in a bad mood. Therefore, you know, avoid sleeping being reflected by a mirror.

Nevertheless, it may be that you do not see yourself reflected when you sleep in any position. In this case, if you usually sleep well, it shouldn’t be necessary to reposition the mirror. But if you rest badly, you don’t lose anything by trying either. Take it out of the room, or at least turn it around so it doesn’t reflect those of you sleeping.

If you do not want to remove or change the mirror, but you suspect that it may be affecting your rest, try an intermediate solution. Cover it with a blanket or towel. If after a few weeks with this new “decoration” you feel more rested there is no excuse to place it elsewhere.

The best place to place mirrors at home

But beware, we should not go crazy with these issues or banish all the mirrors from our home. We must not forget that they are an essential element in many rooms and that they provide a touch of luminosity that we are not willing to give up. Simply relocate them to other rooms. The best place to place the mirror is the bathroom since it is the place in the house that respects less feng shui as a general rule. But yes, whenever possible, you should place it on one side of the bathroom and never looking at the door. Also remember to always close the door to prevent bad energies from spreading throughout the house.

The bathroom is the best area in the house to place mirrors. Pixabay

Tricks to get a home in harmony

Therefore, if what you are looking for in your room is peace, quiet and a good rest, remove all the mirrors and see if you can sleep soundly.

In addition, if your goal is to achieve a harmonious and relaxed home, you should not forget the benefits that plants can bring you. Decorate with plants it will not only add a fresh and natural touch to your home. It will also help you to be calmer and create environments that are as colorful as they are pleasant. Add a touch of green to your home and check the results.

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