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Delays, contradictions and an escape abroad: the journey to bring two legislators to justice in Mexico

Benjamín Saúl Huerta Corona, deputy of Morena and Mauricio Toledo, deputy of the Labor Party.
Benjamín Saúl Huerta Corona, deputy of Morena and Mauricio Toledo, deputy of the Labor Party.DARK ROOM

Time has played in favor of legislators Benjamin Saúl Huerta and Mauricio Toledo. The deputies of Morena and the Labor Party were stripped this Wednesday by the Chamber of Deputies of the procedural immunity they enjoyed after the accusations against them of sexual abuse, in the case of Huerta, and illicit enrichment, for Toledo. The measure that seeks to bring the aforementioned to the bench of justice arrives months late and days after the end of the current legislature and although the Prosecutor’s Office issued the arrest warrants the same day of their violation, the legislators are still at large. Without further details, Huerta assures that he is in the country and that he will go to court while Toledo left the country for Chile since last July 26.

His arrest has put the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office in check. Almost 72 hours after the arrest will be ordered, the legislators are still free and dropping statements to defend their innocence. Huerta, accused of sexually attacking a child under 15 years of age in a hotel in the capital, declared in an interview on Imagen Noticias this Thursday that he is in Mexico and will go to court on his own feet. “I am here to show my face, the moment I am required by a control judge, I will be there. I am the most interested in getting this clarified. An innocent person does not flee, so I know they will bind me to the process, but it is the only way to face this issue, in the end I will come out ahead, ”declared the legislator, escorted by his lawyers in front of the television cameras.

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Despite the disposition that the politician proclaimed to go to court, he has not yet appeared before a court and the Prosecutor’s Office assures that it was not possible to find him in the different homes where he notified his residence. The capital’s prosecutor, Ernestina Godoy, reported that the mechanisms to find both legislators have already been activated. “Our commitment is to the truth at the service of the inhabitants of Mexico City, we will not tolerate more abuses by those who seek to hide under the cover of politics to commit crimes,” he declared.

The delay with which the lawlessness of both legislators arrived is at the center of the debate. In the case of Toledo, for example, his violation for the alleged crime of illicit enrichment by verifying that his millionaire expenses did not correspond to his income as a civil servant was requested since last January. The debate on his violation, however, barely got off the ground on Wednesday in the Chamber of Deputies. It was in the same legislative plenary session where his violation was discussed that the Prosecutor’s Office announced that Toledo had paid the country and had been in Chile since last July 26. Although the accused himself responded through his social networks that his trip was due to previous commitments and that his parents were Chilean, the authorities are already preparing the issuance of a red card in Interpol to specify his capture. “Have a great day,” was the last message published by the former mayor of Coyoacán.

The head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, celebrated that the Chamber of Deputies approved the violation of the two federal deputies. “How good that there was this solution, this resolution by the deputies, in response to the request of the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecutor’s Office is working there for the arrest of these people, in one of the cases it seems that they are outside of Mexico and the entire request for a red card is being made and everything that is required to be able to bring it, ”he settled.

Although the day they were stripped of their procedural immunity, more than one legislator in the Chamber of Deputies rang the bells for the gesture against impunity, the accused are still fugitives from justice and unaccountable for the crimes they they are charged.

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