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Delgado once again proposes a related one as number two and rejects former attorney general Consuelo Madrigal




As planned, the State Attorney General has once again relegated this Tuesday to two of the prosecutors of the ‘procés’, Consuelo Madrigal and Javier Zaragoza, who had presented his candidacy as a prosecutor’s lieutenant, and has opted for a related prosecutor, María Ángeles Sánchez Conde, as his number two. This position had been vacant since December, when the person in charge of the investigation of Don Juan Carlos, Juan Ignacio Campos, died suddenly.

While they had been introduced five candidates, It was Sánchez Conde (former chief prosecutor before the Constitutional Court) and the former coordinator of Minors of the General Prosecutor’s Office Javier Huete who had more possibilities of being proposed, since it was taken for granted that Delgado would not have any of the prosecutors of the ‘procés’ (despite the weight that both have in the Public Ministry and that Madrigal even managed to direct the body) or with the Antidrug chief prosecutor, Javier Noreña, with whom Delgado had a run-in last year.

On previous occasions in which Madrigal and Zaragoza have attended headquarters in the criminal section of the Supreme Court (to which both are attached as courtroom prosecutors) they have not been supported by the attorney general.

On this occasion, according to sources from the advisory body itself, The five members of the majority Association of Prosecutors have supported Madrigal’s candidacy en bloc, while the four from UPF and the Inspection Chief, María Antonia Sainz Gaite, have done so with Sánchez Conde’s. The proposal depends only on the attorney general, once the Fiscal Council has heard, and Delgado has opted for his colleague from UPF, to which he already proposed in March of last year for the Criminal section of the Supreme Court praising his experience “In one of the highest magistracies of the prosecutorial career and his deep knowledge of constitutional law.”

In an informative note on the Fiscal Council held this Tuesday, reference is made to the 40 years of Sánchez Conde in the career, throughout which he has passed through the prosecution offices of Cádiz, Barcelona, ​​León, Bilbao and Madrid. The Attorney General’s Office also highlights the fact that she was the first woman to head the Office of the Prosecutor before the Constitutional Court, whose leadership she held for 12 years (2009-2021). Previously, between 2006 and 2009, he had been his Deputy Prosecutor. “His long career, brilliant resume and proven experience in team leadership and management are joined by a professional profile, discreet and of great legal solvency and work capacity “.

New prosecutor before the TC

At today’s meeting, the State Attorney General has also proposed the appointment of Carmen Tirado as the new prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor’s Office before the Constitutional Court. She was currently assigned to the Madrid Community Prosecutor’s Office, where she dispatches “matters directly related to constitutional aspects, such as the procedures for the ratification of restrictive or limiting sanitary measures of fundamental rights derived from the pandemic.”

“With his appointment, progress is being made in the equal balance of the Prosecutor’s Office before the Constitutional Court, which currently has only two women on its staff,” says the note.

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