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Delta, American Airlines and United Top Ranking of World’s Most Valuable Airlines

Of the 50 most valuable airline brands in the world, seven belong to the United States, according to Brand Finance studies.

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The consulting firm Brand Finance presented the Airlines 50 – 2021 ranking, in which Three US airlines top the ranking after being considered the most valuable in the world: Delta, American Airlines and United, published Cinco Días.

This study analyzes the brand value and its strength, understood as the effectiveness of its performance in intangible measures in relation to its competitors, in a sector that has lost $ 42.407 million dollars, 37% less than the previous year, in brand equity in the world.

The three American companies that lead the ranking of the 50 most valuable brands in the world of Brand Finance, have lost more than 40% of their brand value: Delta, $ 5.7 billion (-41.1% vs. 2020), American Airlines, $ 5.3 billion (-43.4% vs. 2020) and United Airlines, $ 5.065 million (-42.7% vs. 2020).

According to the Brand Finance report, out of the 50 brands evaluated, seven belong to the United States, which is the nation that contributes the highest brand share but the figure is reduced by 41% compared to 2020, $ 22.97 billion dollars. They are followed by China, also with seven brands and 40% less value added, $ 10.6 billion, and the United Arab Emirates, which, with just two brands, Emirates and Etihad Airways, add up to $ 5.3 billion, 34% less.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicted that the industry will not fully recover to pre-pandemic levels until 2023 or 2024. Based on Brand Finance analysis, low-cost carriers are expected to recover faster than full-service ones.

However, both classes of airlines will depend on the advancement of vaccination worldwide, as well as the effectiveness of controlling the new variants or emerging strains. Business travel is expected to stagnate, while leisure travel is likely to be the main driver of the recovery across the industry.

The Brand Finance report further highlights the devastating effects of the pandemic on the air transport industry, noting that neither the fall of the Twin Towers of New York nor the financial crisis of 2008 can be bought with what the industry is living now. And they remember the forecast of economic experts who assure that the world GDP will be reduced by $ 1.77 trillion dollars, in which this sector has a global weight of 10%.

For the managing director of Brand Finance in Spain, Teresa de Lemus, “this crisis in the tourism sector is a catalyst for the strongest brands as those are the ones that will recover the best and will be able to take the opportunity to expand through mergers.”

Top Ten of Brand Finance 2021, with brand value

1. Delta (US), $ 5,786 million

2. American Airlines (EE.UU), $ 5,351 mdd

3. United Airlines (EE.UU), $ 5,017 mdd

4. Emitares (United Arab Emirates), $ 4.682 million

5. Southwest (EE. UU.), $ 3,981 mdd

6. Air China (China), $2,888 mdd

7. China Southern (China), $2,069 mdd

8. China Eastern (China), $2,176 mdd

9. Air Canada (Canada), $ 2.175 million

10. British Airways (UK), $ 2.098 million

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