Sunday, December 5

Delta variant causes worst covid outbreak in months in China

A health worker performing the PCR test on a patient.

A health worker performing the PCR test on a patient.

A lazy cleaning worker who places China in trouble is the corollary that the delta variant Find the crack in the sturdiest armor. China already has more than 170 cases related to the Nanjing outbreak, capital of the eastern province of Jiangsu, in which it is his worst crisis in months. There are cases scattered in half a dozen provinces and also in Beijing, which has broken its streak of immaculate 180 days.

The outbreak is an apparent attack against logic: How can the virus emerge in a country where it did not exist and that subjects arrivals from abroad to three or four weeks of quarantine and extensive tests before letting them step on the street? The crack was exposed when nine cleaning staff workers of the Aeropuerto Internacional Lukou de Nanjing they tested positive in routine tests on July 20.

Ignored protocol

The investigations established that the strict security protocol that requires having different equipment to clean airplanes arriving from abroad and domestic ones was ignored, and the local press later discovered that the management of cleaning services had gotten worse since the airport outsourced them to lower costs.

Incompetence is paid in China and more in times of pandemic. There has been no regrowth without your string of layoffs and it is doubtful that those in charge of the airport will continue in their positions next week. The episode has deserved the attention of the Central Commission for Discipline and Inspection, the main body overseeing corruption in the country, which has accused them in a public note of negligence, unprofessional management and no zeal in the application of measures against the prevention of the pandemic.

Airport focus

The virus It went from cleaning staff to family members, airport workers and shortly thereafter positive were detected in teachers and taxi drivers. A focus on an airport It is a nightmare and 30 million travelers pass through Nanjing, one of the largest in the country. The cases have already reached southern Guangdong province, northern Liaoning or central Sichuan. Some infections are related to a show at a Zhangjiajie theme park on July 22. The 2,000 people who were present and their closest contacts have been analyzed and quarantined.

The national sleeplessness is concentrated this week in Nanjing, historical capital of various Chinese dynasties and symbol of ignominy for the Japanese massacre of the last century. Many of its neighborhoods are on “high alert” and bars, restaurants and gyms have been closed. The authorities test its almost ten million inhabitants on the run and advise against non-essential travel. Two-week flights and long-distance bus routes have been canceled, roadblocks have been lifted, and some cities like Suzhou have cut off access.

It is not the first presence of the Delta variant in China but the most virulent. TO Beijing, who had swiftly subdued the previous ones, is disturbed by his higher mortality and transmission capacity. The deaths of medical personnel who had been inoculated with the mandatory double dose in Thailand or Indonesia cast doubt on the efficacy of Chinese vaccines. Fear explains that China erected in Guangzhou a quarantine center the size of 20 football fields for arrivals from outside and that it lengthened the isolation weeks or raised the threshold of herd immunity from the previous 70% to 80% or 85 %.

The plans to achieve it by the end of the year will be fulfilled without problems but it will not be the silver bullet against the pandemic either. Authorities have reported that many in Nanjing were infected with the full course of vaccination although, fortunately, they have not shown the most severe symptoms.

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