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Dembélé rejects the renewal and raises the tension with Barça

Ousmane Dembele He rejects the last renewal offer that Barça made him, thus increasing the tension that he lives with the club. Tension that will increase in the coming weeks, coinciding with the deadline of January 31 when the winter market closes.

The striker, as journalist Gerard Romero reported yesterday on his Twitch channel, communicated that refusal, which will activate, immediately, the series of “measures” that the board has prepared, as revealed Matthew German, Barça football director.

Some measures that could be drastic, tired as the club is and also xavi of Dembélé’s attitude. And of Dembélé’s agents. The future of the Frenchman now enters a new scenario because Barça, tired of waiting for months and months for the decision he was going to adopt, handles any option.

The attitude of the striker, who wants to exhaust his errand to be the exclusive owner of his future, outrages the club

From selling it in this winter market, something that the player does not contemplate because he wants to be the exclusive owner of his future, free as he is since January 1 to negotiate with whoever he wants, or let him know that his role in the team will change significantly, without ruling out even the option of not having a minute.

Ferran Torres changed everything

The arrival of Fernando Torres it was an almost definitive message for the Frenchman. Both in terms of the immediate present (he comes to play in the far right position, where Dembélé usually plays, forced, for example, to change bands, he went to the left in the Riyadh classic) and the future.

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Barça took money from where it did not have to invest 55 million euros plus 11 in variables in the hiring of the former City striker. A money that, therefore, could not be destined to the renewal of the Frenchman, pampered at the beginning by the flattering words of Laporta (“for me, he is better than Mbappé”, said the president) and Xavi. “If he trains well and takes good care of himself, he can be the best in the world in his position,” certified the coach.

The club and Xavi have tired of Dembélé and now plan to adopt drastic measures

Good words that changed with the dry and sharp tone of Alemany, remembering that they had a plan to execute with Dembélé after hearing his unaffordable economic conditions to renew. The Frenchman asked, as this newspaper revealed on December 30, a bonus of 30 million euros to renew, in addition to 15 million for his agent and an annual salary of 30 gross, pre-pandemic figures.

Barça’s refusal

Barça rejected these “disproportionate” figures demanded by the 24-year-old player, because it would imply that the operation to renew him would amount to a total gross amount of 200 million euros. And the club considers that an investment of such a level can only be made in a striker who really makes a difference, something that Dembele He hasn’t managed to do it, for one reason or another (punished by injuries, especially of a muscular nature), in the four and a half years he’s been at the Camp Nou.

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Hence, the refusal of the Laporta board, the president disappointed, like Xavi, with the Frenchman’s attitude, convinced that this economic investment will be much more profitable if Haaland is signed. Dembélé, on the other hand, is now presented with a complicated landscape. Xavi said that he would not send him to the stands if he did not renew. But the situation changed or so much so that the coach manages more offensive options (Ansu, Ferran, Memphis, Luuk de Jong, Jutglà, Ilias, Abde… soon Braithwaite) to seat the Frenchman

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