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Dembelé’s agent criticizes the rush to play after his injury

The Ousmane Dembelé’s agent, Moussa Sissoko, criticizes the haste with which the Barcelona makes playing to the extreme after the injuries he suffers on a recurring basis, a point that is weighing on the French’s renewal negotiations.

“Money is often talked about when it comes to the Ousmane renovation, but it’s not just a question of money. It is also day-to-day management, “says Sissoko in statements published in the newspaper ‘L’Équipe’.

The representative gives as an example the entry of Dembelé into play last Wednesday in a match of Copa del Rey against Linares in the second half, after several days without being able to train due to having been tested positive for covid. “This sports management, with this entry into the field without training, just after the covid, is something difficult for us to understand,” adds the agent.

Free in june

It is a new point of disagreement over the renewal of the 24-year-old forward, whose contract expires at the end of the season, giving him the freedom to negotiate with other clubs. According to ‘L’Équipe’, which cites sources close to the player, the negotiations for the extension of the contract are stopped but not broken, contrary to what was published a few days ago in various media.

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Barça coach Xavi Hernández, is very interested in its continuity and the economic positions are not very far apart. The player’s agent asked at the last meeting, 30 million euros to renew. A special bonus, even though it was free. Then, 15 million more for the agent himself, setting his new salary at 30 gross, which would make him the best paid of the staff, with a salary worthy of the prepandemic.

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Dembelé, for his part, faces negotiation in a position of strength, since, according to the French newspaper, he is considering other offers, especially in England, where the Chelsea of ​​Thomas Tuchel, his former coach at Dortmund, is interested in him. Paris Saint-Germain, meanwhile, seems to have abandoned the bidding, says ‘L’Équipe’.


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