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Demi Rose returns to Instagram after her dental floss at sea, and Joselyn Cano likes her

Half Rose He returned to Instagram and has posed for his fans with sunglasses, while wearing a towel on his head holding his long hair. For the image he wrote: “Look up at the sky and the stars and yearn to be where they are.” With this, Demi continues to promote her collaboration with the PrettyLittlething brand. In whose designs she always remains faithful to her flirtatious, daring and even erotic vein, because deep necklines, transparencies abound and therefore her voluptuousness shine in style.

But the fans have been tremendously surprised by the publication of this young model, because among the likes and between the comments appears the name of Joselyn Cano. Famous model who gained world fame because many compared her to Kim Kardashian, who unfortunately passed away last year, on December 7, 2020 in Colombia.

Cano’s account seems to have resumed activity and Rose’s fans have taken notice. The message that was written under the name Joselyn consists of a heart: “❤️”. This one got 27 likes, but there was a fan who saw it and commented the following: “It’s a bit strange to keep using a dead person’s account as if they were still alive, don’t you think?“. And someone else wrote: “Weren’t you supposed to be dead?“.

Remember that Demi collaborated with Joselyn Cano when posing with several of the designs of the swimwear brand launched by the model with Mexican origins.

This is the image of the controversial like, whose post already exceeds 125 thousand likes.

Before this image, Demi Rose scandalized her fans and made them sweat by posing with a dental floss on top of a jet ski. With this fiery image she got more than 480 thousand likes.

In the case of Joselyn Cano, the last photograph that was published on her official Instagram account, saw the light hours before she lost her life in the operating room, it was published that same December 7, with the photo of the model and businesswoman he greeted his followers, wishing them a good day, while dedicating a morning greeting to them. Days later, his death was confirmed in Colombia, a country to which he traveled to undergo cosmetic surgery on his buttocks, according to international media. Weeks later, his funeral was broadcast live on YouTube.

The reasons why the account has resumed activity and who is managing it are unknown. Three days ago a new image was published where a phrase by Walt Disney was exposed, but the post had the comment space blocked, although this did not prevent the image from gaining more than 140 thousand likes. And seven days ago they also shared another image of the model in a fitted sports one, that image took 120 thousand likes.

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