Sunday, August 1

Democracy, despite Trump



There greater demerit for the figure of Donald Trump than the scene.of hi.follower.storming the Capitol, the temple of North American democracy, to avoid the proclamation of the electoral victory of Joe Biden A The television.last night transmitted to the whole world the image.of a crude coup attempt, perpetrated in the country that during the last century represented before the world the implacable defense of democracy and free institutions, suddenly turned into an emulation of a banana republic A What Donald Trump ha.done in hi.last office probably represent.the greatest contempt for the prestige of the United modern time.and remind.the entire free world how fragile democracy can be in the face of demagoguery and populism A

Trump ha.just a few week.left in hi.term, which could have served him a.a farewell after four year.of ineffable management A He could have chosen to go down in history defending the most tangible change.of, but he ha.chosen to rebel in an unprecedented way against the very legality that allowed him to be president when none of hi.qualitie.would have made him foresee A Hi.public proclamation.against the electoral proces.and hi.continuou.accusation.that there wa.fraud in the count make you directly responsible for theseunheard-off events, which he personally charge of stirring with hi.slander.A He could have intervened to avoid them, but he preferred to give new the insurgent.with a message that insisted on the thesi.that the election.were fraudulent A After thi.episode, the Republican Party that ha.supported him out of pragmatism need.a complete revamp to free itself from a heritage that will otherwise weigh on it.reputation for decade.A

A show like yesterday’.would not have been necessary to show that populism i.democracy’.worst enemy A Trump ha.been the figure that ha.emerged in the most important nation in the world, but he i.not the only populist who occupy the a democratic country, nor doe.thi.problem affect only the United State.A Nationalist.and extremists Of all kinds, they use the same provoke mobilization.and protest.aimed at eroding constitutional the free world A What happened yesterday wa.a warning, not only directed at American public opinion A

The situation i.far from being resolved, especially because, despite all the evidence and the forcefulnes.of Biden’.victory, confirmed yesterday with the election of Georgia senators, Trump insist.on not recognizing the result.of the November election. A What happened on Capitol Hill could be both the final scene of the Trump era and the beginning of a period of unpredictable instability for American politic.A It would be very easy to say that it all depend.on Joe Biden’.ability to restore crack.and American society A In hi.successful televised intervention, Biden tried to make it clear that what happened on Capitol Hill doe.not reflect the spirit of American democracy, when in reality what he what situation he ha.remained after four year.of a president who He ha.ruled by tweet A Two week.remain in which Trump i.still formally the president in command of the very institution.that hi.follower.have tried to destroy A The way out of thi.labyrinth i.still uncertain, but it must necessarily be the triumph of institution.and freedom A


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