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Democracy is worth gold | The NY Journal

Democracy is worth gold

This week we saw an assault on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump.


Even if it is imperfect, democracy is valuable to Hispanics and must be defended to avoid repeating stories from which we escape in most of our countries.

But with these presidential elections, I think we feel like a Already seen, something already lived, that generates distrust and the fear of falling into corruption.

Without a doubt, the damage has been done and the democracy of the United States can be affected by the 18 calls by outgoing President Donald Trump to the Secretary of State of Georgia to seek the 11,780 votes that would allow him to demand a recount of votes and reverse the triumph of the Democrats Joe Biden and Kalama Harris. That’s not counting the violent acts on Wednesday at the Union Capitol.

In his last call, Trump spoke: of vote tampering with people who voted without living in the state, of supposed destruction of ballots, of the rupture of a water pipe that made everyone run away without securing the polls, people who could not depositing their ballot because someone had already voted for them, dead that did vote, or signatures that did not match the absentee ballot record by mail.

And furthermore, according to the President all the votes of the army went to Biden, when he counted on the soldiers as his most loyal constituents.

Although Trump repeated in his call that he did not want to shake the world, he did leave a crack on confidence in democracy and the electoral system.

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That system cries out for a reform to modify the Electoral College and the direct vote is imposed.

But we are also concerned about reliving events such as the recording and filtering of telephone conversations, as part of the denunciations of political scandals.

It is legal and legitimate that Trump wants to win; We all like success, but the Democratic Party obtained more than enough, both the popular vote, with more than 7 million, and the controversial Electoral College.

That is why we ask: Mr. President, accept it! and do so without damaging confidence.

Those complaints, without credible evidence, will only affect the democratic system on which the founding principles of this nation were based.

This is what Hillary Clinton did in 2016, despite the fact that she got 4 million more than you from the popular vote.

And that same greatness was enjoyed by Democrat Al Gore in 2000 when he put the interests of the country first by recognizing the triumph of Republican George W. Bush. That greatness in acting is worth more than gold!

(The author – who uses a pseudonym – is a journalist based in New York)

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