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Democratic victory in Georgia Senate elections gives wings to Joe Biden

Democrats will also have control of the Senate, which smoother the political agenda of the president-elect to govern as of January 20 with fewer opposition.

 Joe  Biden, during his speech following the assault on the Capitol by Trump supporters.
Joe Biden, during his speech following the assault on the Capitol by Trump supporters.JIM WATSONAFP

When Joe Biden takes over the reins of America next January 20, once his victory in the November elections was ratified despite the assault on the Capitol that supported Donald Trump supporters this Wednesday, he will do so with a Congress in the hands of the Democratic Party, a scenario that has not been seen since 2016, when Trump arrived at the White House and governed his first two years with control of both chambers.

With the recent triumph of Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Scoff In the second round of the elections to elect the two senators who will represent the state of Georgia in the Senate, Joe Biden’s party manages to end the Republican dominance and regain the control, at least for the next two years, in the Upper House, which had been in the hands of the Republicans for four years.

Now you one hundred seats will be divided equally between both formations, a 50-50 to leave in the hands of the next vice president, Kamala Harris, a momentous role in the upper house. According to the Constitution of the United States since 1787, the vice president of the country also holds the office of president of the Senate, which does not have the right to vote, except in those votes in which there is a tie.

The new pro-Democrat arithmetic in the Senate assumes a significant change in the scenario for the first two years in office of the next head of the White House, who will have an allied Congress that will have the upper hand and can set the course of the legislative agenda, thus paving the way for Joe Biden to govern without much opposition.

For the past six years, Republican senators exercised their majority in that chamber to tip the balance always on their side, blocking any attempt by the Democratic opposition to derail Donald Trump’s political agenda. Again and again the final result of the voting depends on the toss of a coin, a head or tail in which that coin always – or almost always – falls on the same side.

The most immediate consequence of this change of powers on Capitol Hill will begin to be felt from the early stages of the Biden Administration, as the new president will be able to form his cabinet without so much entanglement in the process of confirming their candidates in the Senate.

From the Secretary of state, key to the future of its foreign agenda, until the secretary of the treasury, indispensable to impose its economic agenda.

On the table are also some of the main campaign promises of new President-elect Biden, from his ambitious proposal to redirect the United States’ position in the fight against climate change, to what Donald Trump used to refer to as a “tall tale,” to the federal government’s ability to maneuver and respond to the health crisis that the country is experiencing due to the coronavirus.

Biden has already made it clear that one of his most immediate priorities is promoted more aid for those affected by the pandemic after the recent economic rescue of 900,000 million dollars that many see insufficient, and that includes checks for $600 per person and subsidies of up to $300 a week to unemployed workers, as well as an oxygen tank for small and medium-sized companies valued at 327,000 million.

In some cases, such as a cabinet election, only a simple majority in the Senate is required for confirmation, but To carry out far-reaching legislative proposals, an agreement between Republicans and Democrats is still needed, whose majority is by the minimum since two of them are independent, and in order to win the majority of the votes, 60 votes are needed, which forces continuing building bipartisan bridges.

 Election posters calling for a vote for Jon Os off and Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate elections.
Election posters calling for a vote for Jon Os off and Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate elections.ELIJAH NEWSREUTERS

What seemed an impossible scenario a few months ago, that Joe Biden could start governing with an allied Congress, is new a reality. The House of Representatives remains in the hands of the Democrats, chaired by the ‘speaker’ Nancy Pelosi, while the hitherto Republican Majority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConell, I will have to step forward and leave the new majority in the hands of the blue party.

The senator Charles Schumer, who will become the new leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, has already been quick to say that his first action will be to vote a proposal to increase stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000 for American families.

” Help is already on the way,” the veteran New York politician said at his first press conference after the Georgia results were confirmed.

In short, with the historic victory of the Democrats in the Senate, new the next leader of the White House to have a fewer belligerent Congress, allowing you to more easily approve you legislative agenda, elect members of you government team, or appoint new federal judges and Supreme Court magistrates with much fewer obstacles.

As they analyzed this Thursday in the opinion pages of the newspaper The Wall Street JournalPresident Trump has not only allowed with his constant – and unfounded – accusations of fraud that the Senate pass into the hands of Democrats. “That is the most generous interpretation, the most cynical and plausible given his political character, is that Trump wanted the Republicans to lose the Senate to show that without him they cannot stay in power.”

The images of the assault on the Capitol do not invite optimism in a deeply divided country after four years of ‘Trump ism’. It will be the next January 20 when Joe Biden takes office on the steps of the Capitol, where against all odds, and thanks to the historic victory of the Democrats in Georgia, from that day on an allied Congress to begin redirect the course of the United States.

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