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Democrats accuse Donald Trump of premeditation in inciting the assault on Capitol Hill


The accusation exhibits more videos and tweets on the second day of the ‘impeachment’ to the former Republican president, whose environment leaks that “he is not satisfied” with the strategy of his defense

This Wednesday’s session of the impeachment.US Senate TVREUTERS
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Despite the fact that Donald Trump left the United States Presidency three weeks ago, the decisions he made in office, especially after the November 3 elections, continue to dominate the news landscape of the world’s leading power. This Wednesday the ‘political trial’ continued in the Senate, with the exhibition, by the Democratic majority who acts as the prosecution in the process, of more ‘tweets’ of the president and, also, of unpublished videos recorded by the security cameras of the Capitol. The Democratic thesis is that Trump not only incited the jump to the Capitol but also he acted with premeditation.

The images are part of a message geared more to public opinion than to the Republican opposition, among which Trump has enough support to exercise a blocking minority that prevents him from being found guilty. At the close of this report, the president’s defense had not yet intervened. His strategy seems confused, after the Trump team had a poor performance Tuesday at the opening of the trial, which earned the president’s two lawyers, David Schoen and Bruce Castor, criticism of the Republicans and his own client. As reported yesterday by the ‘Politico’ website, citing people around Trump, “the president is not satisfied” with the defense what is having. Yesterday there was even speculation about possible changes in Trump’s legal team. doing so would be extremely unusual. But, if something characterizes the former president, it is his ability to break with conventions.

The former president, however, depends on spokespersons and third parties to convey his message. Trump has no access to social media, especially Twitter, which have been his main vehicle to communicate. And it will continue without having it. That company announced yesterday that the suspension of the president’s account is permanent. Facebook, for its part, has opted for a Solomonic solution, and, although it has expelled Trump along with most of the accounts of the QAnon conspiracy, which advocates that the world is controlled by a network of anthropophagous pedophiles against whom it fights – or was fighting – the former president alone, has not made a final decision. An independent board of the company, which includes, among others, the former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, must establish what the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, who in the past has defended Donald Trump publicly, does.

Trump also has a new open legal front. The authorities have launched a criminal investigation into whether the president’s call to the Georgia secretary of state, Brad Raffespenger, in January, in which he asked him to “find” the votes he needed to win the elections in that state is a crime. This process is in addition to the cases opened against Trump in the state of New York for an alleged tax crime in his time as a businessman.

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