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Democrats accuse Exxon Mobil and other oil companies of lying about the dangerousness of their products

Democrats accuse several oil companies of lying about their measures; Reference image of Gas Station in Chicago, Illinois.

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Democrats on Thursday accused the big oil companies, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, BP and Shell, of having lied about the dangerousness of their products to avoid adopting measures against polluting emissions.

This was pointed out by the chair of the Lower House Oversight and Reform Committee, Democrat Carolyn Maloney, in a session in which the top executives of those companies testified.

“In collaboration with the American Petroleum Institute and the Chamber of Commerce and other public relations groups and firms, the industry developed a coordinated campaign of lies to hide the danger of its own products from the public and derail global efforts to reduce emissions. greenhouse gases, ”Maloney said at the beginning of the hearing.

The progressive legislator stressed that at the same time These companies reported profits of almost $ 2 trillion between 1990 and 2019.

Maloney stressed that the cost of inaction in the face of global warming has been much higher, as the US today faces more intense hurricanes, fires and floods, among others.

The legislator regretted that the oil companies affirm that they believe in the climate crisis, that they support the Paris Agreement and that they have promised to reduce their carbon emissions while they spend millions of dollars on public relations firms to project an image of “champions against climate change”.

“But their actions tell a different story,” Maloney warned.

He added that, according to an analysis prepared by the staff of the committee he directs, these four oil companies have spent a “tiny fraction” of their “immense lobbying resources” in the last ten years to implement policies against climate change, at the same time they have invested tens of millions of dollars “to protect their oil and gas profits.”

Republicans have a different view, who during the session criticized the Democrats’ attempts to “demonize the oil and gas industry,” as claimed by a committee member, the conservative Ralph Norman.

“The guys before us today run organizations that provide well-paying jobs and safe, affordable, clean energy for all Americans, something this Administration is trying to dismantle by carrying out this oversight,” Norman warned.

The Republican indicated that the Democrats are focused on “destroying” the industry and the jobs it provides as a distraction from the fact that they have no plans to recover the workforce in the sector or the energy independence of the country.


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