Saturday, May 21

Democrats advance Trump’s impeachment

Trump, on January 4 at a rally in Georgia.

Trump, on January 4 at a rally in Georgia.

The ‘impeachment’ of the Democratic congressmen against the president of the United States, Donald Trump, continues to take shape and will be presented on Monday before the House of Representatives, as announced on Twitter by one of the Democratic congressmen involved.

We will present the impeachment article this Monday during the pro forma session of the House, “has published the Democratic Congressman for California, Ted Lieu.

In an interview on CNN, Lieu has called for Trump’s resignation and has justified the opening of the impeachment process as a deterrent to prevent the president from doing “something even crazier.” The project is sponsored by 180 Democratic congressmen and blames Trump for “inciting an insurrection on Capitol Hill.”

It is expected to pass quickly in the House of Representatives, although the process in the Senate, still controlled by Republicans until the two new Democratic senators from Georgia take office, will be slower.

The Republican leader in the Upper House, Mitch McConnell, has assured his party colleagues it won’t be voted on until after Biden’s inauguration. Despite the fact that Trump would have already left the office of president, if the Democrats prosper they could get him to be disqualified from running again for president in 2024.

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Democrats would need the support of 17 Republican senators to get the two-thirds of the upper house needed to remove the president. In the previous impeachment trial, only Republican Sen. Mitt Romney supported impeachment of Trump.

However, now three other senators have publicly shown a position favorable to impeachment. The first was Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski who even asked Trump to leave the Republican Party or else she would.

This Saturday the senator from Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey, has assured in an interview that Trump has committed acts that could be subject to ‘impeachment’, an opinion that has also been supported by the senator for Nebraska, Ben Sasse, although neither He has assured that if he is present he would vote in favor.

For their part, other moderates of the Republican Party have sent a letter to Biden to convince Pelosi to withdraw the ‘impeachment’ for prevent tension with Trump supporters from escalating further.

Last Friday, the leader of the Republican minority in the Lower House, Kevin McCarthy, assured that he would also call Biden to try to convince him of this aspect.

Although Biden was in a meeting with Pelosi and with the Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, the transition team of the president-elect did not comment on whether they discussed the impeachment process of Trump and, in public, Biden has only said that it is an issue. that concerns Congress and not him.

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