Thursday, October 28

Democrats close ranks to demand Cuomo’s resignation

Democrats had been waiting months for the results of the comprehensive independent investigation commissioned by the New York prosecutor’s office to determine whether the allegations of sexual harassment that weigh on him governor Andrew Cuomo was grounded. Some doubts that were apparently dispelled on Tuesday. The fiscal general, Letitia James, indicated that, after interviewingstar 179 people and analyze 74,000 evidence -among documents, emails, messages and photos- justice has extracted an im“disturbing, but clear” agenda on the governor’s conduct. state and federal laws, “said the New York attorney general.

The harsh words from James They have forced Democratic leaders to speak out about the future of Cuomo, a politician who at the beginning of the pandemic won the admiration of his party colleagues and Hollywood stars. So much so that he sounded like one of the possible candidates for the presidency in 2024 due to his ability to convey tranquility and security in times of crisis. Some hung the nickname of “The governor of United States and others on social networks declared themselves “Cuomosexual”.

Now, however, his career could have its days numbered. “I think I should resign,” said the president of the United States, Joe Biden, making public the sentiment of the majority of the Democratic party. The president has not been the only one who has requested the resignation of the son of the former governor of New York, Mario Cuomo, and brother of the CNN presenter, Chris Cuomo. Several politicians in his state have demanded that he leave the chair. The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, with whom he always had friction, also indicated that if he does not resign he should be subjected to a dismissal process “immediately”. Similar messages were sent by the Democratic candidate in the November 2 mayoral elections, Eric Adams, and his opponent, the Republican Curtis Sliwa.

They have also called for Cuomo’s head heavyweights of the party in Washington, like the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. Already in March, when the accusations by several women came to light, several Democratic congressmen, among them Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, they called for the governor’s resignation. Now the portrait is much more illuminating. According to the investigation, up to 11 women have been harassed by the governor.

Cuomo denies the allegations

In his first remarks, Cuomo said in a conference – previously recorded and without question round – that never touched “anyone inappropriately”. “The facts are very different from what has been described,” said the president. In this sense, the 63-year-old politician hinted that it is a cultural misunderstanding and generational since he has always greeted people with kisses, hugs and other affectionate gestures. The truth, however, is that the victims not only accuse the politician of having given them kisses and hugs without their consent, but also of putting his hand under their blouse to touch their breasts or grope their buttocks, inappropriate acts that made them feel like “toys”. Usually these women were much younger than him and some worked as employees in his service.

The rejection of the allegations by the Italian-American politician is not surprising, since since they came to light, Cuomo has chosen not to talk about the issue and continue working in New York State in the hope that the next scandal or big news will make the public forget the topic. Tactic reminiscent of the behavior of Donald Trump after his strategy to portray the past election as a fraud or to condone the Jan.6 assault on the Capitol failed. But the difference is that the ex-president continues to have a great support network in his party and Cuomo is now completely alone.

Threat of impeachment

If Cuomo does not resign, the New York Legislature will most likely initiate a impeachment process to force his exit from power, a parliamentary trial similar to the one Trump faced twice during his four years in the White House. The former Republican president was unscathed in both cases.

Regarding that eventual impeachment, also known as impeachmentBiden said that while he understands that such an option may exist, he is not in favor of it at this time. The president considers that it is necessary to go “step by step” to see if Cuomo chooses to resign voluntarily.

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