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Democrats push for government to send monthly stimulus checks after the third of $ 1,400

Democrats push for government to send monthly stimulus checks after the third of $ 1,400

Millions of Americans would benefit from the third stimulus check.

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In a letter, 10 Senate Democrats asked US President Joe Biden to endorse a plan to send out stimulus checks on a recurring or monthly basis. and extended unemployment benefits as part of the “Plan Reconstruir mejor” (“Build Back Better”).

The $ 1.9 Billion “American Rescue Plan” Being Evaluated by the Senate at this time it does not include monthly checks, only one for $ 1,400 and the same amount for each dependent, regardless of age. In the case of extended weekly federal aid, the measure contemplates additional payments of $ 400 until August.

In this Tuesday’s letter, Democrats considered the above insufficient.

“The crisis is far from over and families deserve to be certain that they can put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads,” the lawmakers wrote.

“Families should not be at the mercy of constantly changing legislative agendas and improvised solutions,” they added.

The letter it does not specify how much the amount of monthly stimulus check payments would be.

Letter will be sent to the Democratic caucus

The Washington Post reported that the document sent to the President would be distributed to the rest of the Democratic caucus. According to the report, the content of the letter represents the next struggle of the members of that delegation in terms of the amount of aid that should be sent directly to the Americans.

The most progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives had previously sent a letter expressing their support for monthly payments of $ 2,000 for Americans affected by the pandemic.

Some of these have advocated for the base amount of the third stimulus check to be $ 2,000 and not $ 1,400.

But the argument of the Biden Administration in that sense is that the Government already sent between December and January the $ 600 corresponding to the second stimulus check and that with the $ 1,400 the figure of $ 2,000 is completed.

Scope of third stimulus check

At the moment, what the stimulus legislation contemplates before the Senate is a single check for $ 1,400 plus the same amount per dependent. The maximum amount of the payment will apply to people with adjusted gross income (AGI) of $ 75,000 or less, and $ 150,000 in the case of marriages, they will receive the full payment of $ 1,400 plus the same amount per dependent.

After those thresholds, payments will gradually begin to decline until they reach incomes of $ 100,000 a year per individual and $ 200,000 for couples, who would not receive any payment.

In the case of heads of household, they will see their check reduced if they have income greater than $ 112,500, and they will not receive funds if their earnings exceed $ 150,000.

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