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Democrats win first senator up for grabs in Georgia

Election day in Georgia, USA.

Election day in Georgia, USA.

One of the two Democratic candidates for the US Senate, Raphael Warnock, won the elections this Tuesday in Georgia, which brings that party closer to the possibility of wresting control of the Upper House from the Republicans.

Warnock defeated Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler in the second round in state, according to the projections of the main media.

“Tonight, we show that with hope, hard work and people by our side, anything is possible,” Warnock told his followers in a virtual speech broadcast by various media. His opponent has yet to admit defeat.

According to the projections of the various media on the scrutiny, when more than 97% of the votes have already been counted, the Democrat would have exceeded 50% of the votes and would have an advantage of more than 30,000 over his opponent.

Warnock, a 51-year old reverendHe will be the first black senator to represent southern Georgia in the country’s history, having served as pastor of an Atlanta church in which civil rights leader Martin Luther King, assassinated in 1968, preached.

In the case of the seat being disputed David Perdue and the democrat Jon Scoff, the latter has cut part of the slim margin that the Republican had achieved. The difference is now negligible, as Perdue leads his opponent by only 1,800 votes.

Georgia’s Secretary of State, the Republican Brad Raffensperger, has celebrated the “tremendous turnout” this Tuesday, which could reach, he said, about 4.6 million voters.

“We are a very competitive state. We will have to wait and see how all this ends,” said Raffensperger, who did not want to speculate about the fate of the votes that have not yet been counted, among which there are 17,000 who come from abroad and of the military delegations abroad, whose results will not be known until Friday.

A key vote for Biden’s term

The result of these elections is fundamental to the future of the next Joe Biden AdministrationBecause Democrats need these last two seats to control the Senate, as they already do with the House of Representatives.

If the Democrats prevail in Georgia, they would get 50 senators, the same as the Republicans, although they would have the tiebreaker vote in future legislative debates of the one who will be President of the Senate and Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

This second round is taking place after the same contenders failed to obtain 50 percent of the votes necessary to win the November 3 elections, after some five million voters, out of the 7.2 million qualified in the state, went to the polls on that occasion.

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