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Denmark, the “liberal paradise” in which immigrants and asylum seekers are no longer welcome as before

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Protest against the possible deportation of more than 200 Syrians from Denmark.

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The recent decision to revoke the asylum of more than 200 Syrians in Denmark was the subject of protests.

For decades Denmark was known as one of the world’s most supportive countries for the refugee cause. Not in vain was it the first nation to sign the UN Convention in 1951 that establishes the mechanisms to protect them.

In the last decade, however, the old policies on issues such as immigration or asylum have changed a lot, contradicting the image of a “liberal paradise” that many have of this country.

This Thursday, the Danish Parliament passed new legislation to relocate asylum seekers to other countries outside the European Union, where they will have to wait until their cases are decided but that, in addition, would allow the possibility that they end up being welcomed not by Denmark but by that other country.

The regulation was approved with a large majority of 70 votes in favor and only 24 against.

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