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Derek Chauvin’s prison conditions, after being convicted

(CNN)Derek Chauvin, A former Minneapolis police officer, was placed in a segregated maximum security unit in prison, a jail spokesperson reported, after a jury found him plead guilty George Floyd’s murder on Tuesday.

This is what Chauvin faces, after the verdict.

Chauvin, detained in a segregated maximum security unit

This Tuesday, Chauvin was transferred to the state prison of Minnesota, and Oak Park Heights, where he will await his sentence, said the spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections, Sarah Fitzgerald.

That facility is located in Stillwater, about 23 miles east of downtown Minneapolis.

Chauvin would appeal for the speed of his case, according to a lawyer 0:35

There, Chauvin was placed in a administrative control unit. Namely, a segregated maximum security unit that is separate from the general prison population, Fitzgerald said.

“He is in a state of ‘administrative segregation’ for his safety,” he wrote Fitzgerald to CNN in an email. “Administrative segregation is used when the presence of someone in the general population (of the prison) is a security problem,” he added.

The spokeswoman added that Chauvin is in prison due to an agreement between the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

An eight-week wait for sentencing

Chauvin will be sentenced in about eight weeks “Approximately in the second week of June,” Judge Peter Cahill said Tuesday. The precise date is yet to be announced.

The ex-cop had been free on bail since October, but Cahill reversed it after the guilty verdict. So now he will await his prison sentence.

The judge will consider these factors

Chauvin’s sentence will depend on several factors. Among them, sentencing guidelines established by the state and also if the judge decides to go beyond those guidelines due to certain circumstances.

Technically, Chauvin could face up to 40 years in prison for unintentional manslaughter in the commission of a felony., up to 25 years for unintentional homicide with contempt for life and up to 10 years for accidental homicide.

However, Chauvin has no criminal record. So, according to state sentencing guidelines, the hypothetical sentence for unintentional manslaughter in the commission of felony and unintentional manslaughter with disregard for life is 12.5 years. The judge must ultimately decide whether to pass a sentence between 10 years and eight months, and 15 years for each charge.

What sentence could Derek Chauvin receive? 1:50

Accidental murder carries a hypothetical four-year sentence for someone with no prior record, according to the guidelines. The judge’s criteria can vary from three years and five months to four years and eight months.

Prosecutors call for a harsher sentence against Chauvin

However, prosecutors have called for a harsher sentence than the guidelines offer.

In two requests filed last year, prosecutors said five aggravating factors justify the increased sentence. These conditions include that Floyd was especially vulnerable, that he was treated with particular cruelty, and that children were present when the crimes were committed.

If the judge accepts and applies the aggravating factors, Chauvin’s sentence would be in a higher part of the legal range.

The sentences for all three offenses would likely be served at the same time, not consecutively. “Generally, when a defendant is convicted of multiple current crimes … simultaneous sentencing could be expected,” according to the guidelines.

What will happen to the other accused policemen?

The other three officers facing charges in Floyd’s death are expected to be tried together in August. Tou Thao, Thomas Lane y J. Alexander Kueng they were charged with charges of instigation and complicity in unintentional homicide in the commission of a felony and instigation and complicity in accidental homicide.

Carma Hassan, Eric Levenson, Eric Levenson, Aaron Levenson, Laura Coates, and Elie Honig, all from CNN, contributed to this report.

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