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Deshaun Watson trade rumors: Broncos, Eagles, Dolphins between landing sites if QB plays in 2021

Deshaun Watson still wants to get out of the Texans despite showing up for training camp, and he’s doing it only to avoid significant fines. According to various reports, Houston officials are now willing to trade the starting quarterback while a cloud of serious off-the-field allegations still hangs over him.

The Texans, however, do not plan to receive a discount in exchange for Watson’s potential services, even with his future on the field in doubt for the 2021 NFL season and beyond. They would require at least multiple first-round picks to trade him.

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The league is still waiting to interview Watson until police complete their investigation into the sexual assault allegations of 22 women, who have filed lawsuits against Watson in civil court. While the accusers will begin their statements in September, Watson cannot be deposed in connection with the lawsuits until the end of February. by ESPNEight of those women, along with two others, have filed criminal complaints against Watson with the Houston police.

Due to that slowly developing situation, there is little chance that Watson will be suspended by the Texans or the NFL anytime soon. Instead, the Texans could choose to remove him from camp practices at some point to avoid additional attention for one of two reasons, whether related to the allegations or his request for a change.

Although the NFL is awaiting its own investigation into the situation, Watson could be placed on Commissioner Roger Goodell’s exempt list, which would prevent him from playing but allow him to collect. At the moment, with no formal charges qualifying to put Watson on the long-term list, Goodell was only able to do that for a limited time for the purpose of expediting the league’s own investigation.

With all that in mind, there is a great chance that Watson will play this season, but very little chance that he will play again for the Texans. Here’s a look at six possible immediate landing spots outside of Houston if Watson can play soccer in 2021.

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Possible landing sites for Deshaun Watson

Denver Broncos

The Broncos have the worst quarterback situation in the AFC with no comfortable short- or long-term response between third-year Drew Lock and jumper option Teddy Bridgewater. There’s a solid mix of young and seasoned talent elsewhere on the roster to believe that an elite quarterback would trade his luck from third place at best in the AFC West to a strong playoff contender behind the Chiefs.

That’s the easy part, knowing Denver needs a Watson field caliber upgrade. The hard part is that the Broncos have only one first round apiece in 2022 and 2023. They would have to give up those picks and a little more, maybe Lock and a promising defensive starter, says running back Bradley Chubb.

John Elway and new general manager George Paton might see this as a worthy splurge, hoping that Watson, just 25, will be cleared and finally settle the most important long-term position, for the first time since Elway. If they can be good enough for Aaron Rodgers to take over, the Broncos should be a business destination with Watson’s approval.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have good feelings about Jalen Hurts, but he’s still a second-year second-round pick with a lot to prove after a brief stint as a starter under a different offensive-minded training regimen last season. With a healthy Dak Prescott standing out for the Cowboys as a major QB lead in the NFC East, there should be more confidence that Watson is a quicker path to help match that level of play to better compete for the division title.

In terms of compensation, the Eagles can help the Texans accelerate their rebuilding with two first rounds and two second rounds in 2022, thanks to trades with the Dolphins and Colts (for quarterback Carson Wentz). That chunk of high-draft capital might be enough to get Watson, and if not, it would make sense to include Hurts in the package.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins, before all the allegations against Watson came out in the spring that chilled initial business interest in him, seemed like the main suitors because Miami was also Watson’s first choice for relocation. The Dolphins simply took Tua Tagovailoa No. 5 overall in the 2020 draft, but as a 10-6 team from last season with a soaring defensive base and improved offensive ability, they might see Watson as a way to jump. faster through the playoff window to catch up with the Bills led by Josh Allen.

Although they gave up a first round to the Eagles, the Dolphins recovered two from the 49ers, giving them three in the next two drafts. They should have also noticed that star cornerback Xavien Howard made a public trade request. Howard is a Houston native and should fit in with the Texans’ desire to get an impact veteran in exchange for Watson along with top draft picks.

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Washington football team

WFT has loaded the offensive skill around the quarterback with Curtis Samuel and Adam Humphries joining Antonio Gibson, Terry McLaurin and Logan Thomas. While they are confident new veteran jumper Ryan Fitzpatrick will execute a new scheme for him and distribute the ball well to those playmakers, he is 38 years old and only has a one-year deal.

The quarterback is the only question mark on whether Washington, backed by a strong defense under Ron Rivera, can beat Dallas, Philadelphia and New York and repeat as NFC East champions, this time as a more explosive team overhead. of .500.

Washington, however, only has a first round in each of the next two drafts. Giving them up might be fine knowing they’d use one as a potential franchise quarterback anyway, but Rivera and general manager Martin Mayhew might be hesitant to give up any young impact defensive player as well. There is also concern that the team simply has a major cleanup of the toxic culture under Daniel Snyder’s ownership. The nature of the accusations made by women against Watson could make him untouchable by the regime focused on change.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers were also linked to Watson in earlier trade rumors before deciding to give up sixth, second and fourth round picks to acquire former Jets quarterback Sam Darnold. They also chose Darnold’s $ 18.8 million option for 2022.

Would Carolina come back late to the mix with such a high asking price? The Panthers have the two standard first-round players available through 2023, so they would also have to part ways with a key offensive or defensive veteran (or two), perhaps also bringing in Darnold. Consider this a long shot with your trust and commitment to Darnold for a big change in your career.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders should be mentioned because of their fickle support for quarterback Derek Carr and the pressure from coach Jon Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock to start producing winning results. But like the Panthers, there is little chance now that they will deviate from their current state to get Watson.

There are no more first-round players in the near future for Las Vegas, and aside from sending a different Carr to Houston to replace Watson, there aren’t many attractive player compensation for the Texans to give their status and needs. Instead, the Raiders should focus on trying to win a potential battle for Rodgers against the Broncos in March 2022.

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