Saturday, October 16

Desire and pride – Information

Yes, we can forget about people, but feelings can stay dormant for a long time. If we felt desire for someone, even if there has been a breakup, it holds to extremes that sometimes surprise us. However, today I did not want to talk about desire as such, but as a pretext to address one of the words we have heard most in the press in recent days: “pride.” In my case, the desire known through literature, which served me to identify my sexual preferences, led me to the pride of being how I am, without any shame or willingness to hide anything.

A few months ago I chose to tattoo the word “sincerity” on my right arm. Perhaps even some of the closest ones were surprised, not by the drawing itself, but by the word. For a long time I had to struggle to be honest with myself, a really complex job. Luckily, there in my post-adolescence – a term that has recently been applied to the twenty-year-old generational group that has not just passed the previous stage – I decided not to lie and to be myself. It was the 90s, an exciting time I lived through. I’ve always been surprised why when a person is heterosexual they don’t have to comment to everyone: “Hello, good morning, I’m a man and I like women.” Why do we have to explain who we go to bed with (or would we like to go to!)? No, I never did, by the time I read the previous authors I decided not to give explanations of my life, but neither to hide anything or lie. Make mine and you’re done.

That is why I am saddened by actions against people who are not heterosexual because of their affective choice. What does it matter to me that everyone has the preferences they have? I read with astonishment the initiatives of a (political?) Party against the activities of Pride Day in Elche. And I have known the actions, with graffiti included, against Ponts d’Igualtat, the association for LGTBIQ + rights in Alcoy and the region. And the list would be much longer. Yes, out of respect for diversity, a clear and determined “pride” must be vindicated. The great Pedro Zerolo wrote “whatever your vote, I want to tell you that homosexuals are not sexual orientations that we wander through space: we are their children, their brothers, their group mates, their party colleagues.” It is true that the time in which we have lived is very different from that in which Gil de Biedma and Wilde lived, but in the present we must not tolerate any step back in the assumption of liberties.

Being as we are, this is the basis of today’s society. Let us not be ashamed or afraid every time we do what we want, that we love who we consider. That they do not hide the desire from us or force us to confuse it. Sometimes he thinks that whoever attacks people who have proudly shown their sexual preference is why they are jealous of not being able to express their desire freely. I will say that I am an exaggerator to understand that I knew desire through literature, but it is very true (remember the value of my tattoo): once again, reading makes me feel free. This was for me the first day of living in “pride,” because I understood what I needed to be happy: sincerity.

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