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‘Destiny 2’ should end its four-month season of The Lost Break tomorrow

All right, I’m making a prediction here. Tomorrow should be the time Destiny 2 picks up its seasonal story content again, three weeks before the release of its Witch Queen expansion.

This has been…a pretty weird season of Destiny 2, with The Witch Queen being delayed by half a year. Season of the Lost began on August 24 and essentially “ended” on October 5, where all but one of the season’s story missions were active after seven consecutive resets of plot developments.

The game took a four-month break from seasonal content after that. That doesn’t mean there was any going on Bungie’s 30th anniversary event launched in December with a new activity and a new dungeon, and that was pretty substantial and fun, it was just… way too separate from the story of the season, as the cosmic horses they do not relate to the pending exorcism of The Witch Queen. . Not that we know of, at least.

But I think all signs point to tomorrow as the time when the season’s storyline will resume after an extended four-month hiatus. I had previously bet pretty heavily on it being the last reboot or this reboot, and since nothing happened last time, I’m putting all my eggs in this one basket. Why?

As of tomorrow, there are only three weeks left until The Witch Queen releases on Tuesday, February 22. Even if the events of Savathun’s exorcism lead directly to what happens to The Witch Queen, I definitely think you have to give players more. 1-2 weeks to log in and play that final mission. It would be three weeks.

This is different from other seasons this year because in Year 4, the seasonal content did not disappear from season to season like it did the year before. So if you missed the “finale” of a certain season, you can still come back and play it weeks or months later. That is to say no true with Season of the Lost, as almost all seasonal content will be removed from the game by the time the Witch Queen arrives. So players literally only have this small window to experience this content for the once…in their lifetime. To me, three weeks is the “right” amount of time to allow players to re-filter and play after a four-month break.

Then there’s the idea that this was planned to coincide with a real-life astral alignment. Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 1, 2022, is actually the Lunar New Year, which has some cosmic significance, and it feels like a good day for an exorcism. I’ve heard a “Bungie writer” confirm that this was the plan, but I only saw this as a theory put forth by content creators, I haven’t seen anyone from Bungie say so per se. And yet, it’s a good coincidence anyway.

What’s left we know by sure it’s happening?

There is one more story mission that may or may not be a real mission, and could be talking to people and triggering a cutscene, maybe. This should also be joined by one more radio message entry and a new text story entry.

What we don’t know is what happens during or after the exorcism, whether we witness Savathun’s escape and the theft of light, or whether that’s reserved for the opening of The Witch Queen. We also don’t know if we’ll get Osiris back into this “trade”, which is the only reason we’re doing this. But whatever happens, even if we know the end result, Savathun getting the light and escaping to the world from his throne, it will be significant.

There’s no indication of any kind of end-of-season “live event” being planned like we had before Beyond Light when the Traveler healed himself. Nothing has changed on the map from week to week either. Due to the way Savathun’s crystal area is instantiated, this seems like something every Guardian will experience on their own, for better or worse.

I could be wrong, it could be next week, but I doubt it. Plan some time to log in after the reboot tomorrow, just in case. I really think it’s time.

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